What Is The Best Electric Bike? Some Useful Tips for You!

What Is The Best Electric Bike? Some Useful Tips for You!


What Is The Best Electric Bike? Some Useful Tips for You!

What is the best electric bike? If you are looking for an answer to this question, this article may provide you with some suggestions. The first thing we need to know is that an electric bike is a vehicle based on a common bicycle, using a battery as an auxiliary energy source, and fitted with a motor, controller, battery, handlebar gate, and other manipulation components and display instrumentation system.

How to choose the best electric bike?

1, Brand is the first thing we need to consider. Because if we choose a brand with high visibility, then the quality and after-sales service of the electric bicycle will have a stable guarantee, and then we will have fewer worries.

2, Choosing the right model is also an indispensable part of the process. The main reason is that the safety and usage performance will vary from model to model. It is better if you can shop for your ideal model according to your needs.

3, The appearance of the electric bicycle is also one of the factors that we are concerned about. When buying an electric bicycle, we should pay attention to whether the surface of the electric bicycle is smooth and shiny, and also pay attention to the quality of welding, painting, and plating.

4, One of the most direct and effective ways is to take a test ride. In this process, we can visually feel whether the vehicle starts, accelerates, and drives smoothly, whether the vehicle's handling is comfortable, and incidentally, check the tightness of the brakes, the flexibility of the handlebars, and the mobility of the wheels.

5, Don't forget to check the relevant documents of the electric bike, such as the production license, instruction manual, certificate of conformity, and whether the accessories are complete.

6, The last step is also crucial, which is to check whether the configuration and related important parts, such as the battery, motor, charger, and brake handle, are regular and qualified products. If the product you choose meets all of these criteria, then you are most likely to have come across what is the best electric bike.

The essentials of battery selection:

One of the most important parts of an electric bike is the battery, which can greatly affect the riding experience and subsequent maintenance. It is important to know that AGM batteries have the advantage of low cost and high discharge current, but they have the disadvantage of being prone to water loss and thermal runaway. On the contrary, GEL batteries are costly but have the advantages of stable performance and longer service life.

Since most e-bike batteries are high current and deep cycle discharges in most cases, our e-bike batteries are more suitable for using colloidal batteries. The reason is simple, colloidal batteries have a strong resistance to over-discharge and a strong ability to preserve the electrolyte, which largely avoids the effects of over-discharge on the battery and the thermal runaway caused by water loss in the battery.

It is also important to note that the charging characteristics of each brand of a lead-acid battery are basically the same. However, due to the different battery material formulas, electrolyte concentration, and content of each manufacturer, there are some differences in their charging voltages. Therefore, strictly speaking, we should determine the charging voltage of our own batteries according to the specific requirements given by each battery manufacturer.

How can batteries be used properly?

If the batteries are used improperly, such as when using them in series, the internal resistance of the batteries is not consistent, which will lead to inconsistent voltages at the end of the batteries during charging and discharging, which will eventually lead to premature failure of the batteries due to undercharging.

Therefore, in electric bikes, the balance and consistency of the battery pack have a considerable impact on the life of the battery. Therefore, for us consumers, how we use the battery wisely also affects the life of the battery. We strongly recommend the following methods to use the battery wisely.

First of all, we should control the riding speed of the electric e-Bikes to about twenty kilometers per hour, not too fast. Secondly, it is better not to exceed thirty kilometers per day and discharge the battery once every two months, which will help to improve the life of the battery. And the charging frequency should be limited to once a day. Finally, the e-bike should be used for single riders only if possible.

There are many more things to note and understand about the buying tips for electric bikes. What is the best electric bike? The best electric bike is the one that suits you best.

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