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The founder team of VELOWAVE has been engaged in the bicycle industry for many years. We are all outdoor enthusiasts and love cycling.

The electric bike brand “Velowave” originated from a love for family.

One of our founders - Simon is hard-working and rarely has time to take care of his family. On a family day, he planned to have a cycling trip with his family instead of his colleagues. He planned the route, but during the cycling, his wife couldn't keep up due to a lack of physical power even though she was trying hard. Even though his wife loves cycling to sense the environment. After returning home, he thinks that if he has an electric bike, his wife would be more relaxed and enjoyable. Children and elders can also cycle on a relaxed trip.

We are committed to bringing high-quality electric bikes to more families

Therefore, Simon bought an electric bicycle online. But their first electric bike is of bad quality. Compared with other premium brands of electric bikes on the market, he thought about how to let more people obtain high-quality but affordable electric bikes. So he called friends and said why don't we start designing the electric bike now?

Ideas collided. The founders began to design and develop ebikes. They had been tested again and again before they came to market. 

We are full of enthusiasm. We are committed to bringing high-quality electric bikes to more families and bringing smart and cool ebikes to more cycling enthusiasts. Let more people love the outdoors, enjoy riding, and love our world.

One Tree Planted X Velowave

Velowave works together with One Tree Planted to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

We care about human mental and physical health.

Our electric bikes are different from traditional bikes. They can take the place of cars and make riding easier. At the same time, you can also exercise, enjoy the beautiful views along the way, and relax physically and mentally.

What makes us better

We are committed to the research and development of electric bicycles suitable for different groups of people and insist on the research and development of high-quality but most affordable products. Pay for just the good product, not the brand.

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