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First experience with E-bike...

This bike was easy to assemble, carefully packed, and the components are top notch. My wife is absolutely tickled with it!!


Great bike awesome riding!
We have already put almost 100 miles on this in a couple weeks. We live in very hilly terrain and avg around 20 miles per charge

Happy husband

My husband loves his new bike ..

get yourself a second battery to run in parallel

purshcase another battery pack tht bots onto the water bottle connection such as a 48v 20ah get a dual battery connector and you are not running over 52v and for a long time (you need the offroad controller

Green Velowave Ghost 500W

I highly recommend this ebike after riding it for going on 2 years now. I have added some personal modifications to make it mine I crank it around 20MPH on average with no problem. I came packaged well and I had it up and running in about 30 minutes. This bike puts a smile on my face every time I get on it.

Great Bike!

It’s an amazing electric bike. The experience so far is great. I didn’t like the instruction book. Recomend look the video from YouTube for the assamble. The only part that I’m not happy about, was getting in touch with the company. I had one doubt with the lights(how to turn it on) try to reach on the chat website no luck. I had to send an email, get the respond the next day wich is fine.

Electric bike

So far so good I recommend it

Ghost Electric Mountain Bike
Prahlad Bethell Collen
Made some changes but it has Never failed me!

This bike has been my commute solution, and a true car replacement for me, it’s never failed me, not in rain, mud, snow, or ice, I highly recommend this bike!

Estou amando minha bike

Recebi minha bike e logo já montei as partes. Muito simples e rápido. Estou amando a experiência. Essa é minha primeira bike elétrica. Muito potente, rápida, confortável. Só senti falta, até pela potência e rapidez, de um freio mais eficiente. Uma lanterna traseira ajudaria muito também na segurança. Mas, de resto a bike é muito bem construída e forte. Já andei 150 milhas e não vejo a hora de poder andar mais e mais.

Good times

Very happy with my new Velowave Rover ... did my first 50 mile ride and it performed beautifully... if there was one drawback, I would say it needed couple more gears to shift into ... higher gears for more of a pedaling experience

Center bearings noise on Velowave Ghost Mountain Bike

My friend and I both own a velowave ghost mountain bike and love it. After a year and a half of use, 1300 miles (My Bike) & 1500 miles (My Friend), we started having a cracking and popping sound. We contacted Velowave support and determined we needed to replace the center bearings assembly on both bikes. I want to Velowave and the China manufacturing facility for assisting me in obtaining the correct parts. The parts, peddle shaft and bearings assembly, were received 8/4/23 and installed 8/5/23. The E-Bikes are operating smooth with no noise. We are on the road again!😎



Wow, Is this Comfortable and Fun

I looked at so many fat tire bikes , i was so confused , until i saw this one. Number 1. the black paint will mesmerize you in the sunlight,
2.out of all the fat tire bikes i test rode, Aventon, Himiway, Denago and magiccycle the Velowave step thru was not only the fastest by far it was also the most comfortable,
Im 65 and the old back is a lil creaky, this has an upright design which is nice,, you feel very stable on it also, but dont forget to wear your helmet

What a thrill

I’ve had the bike three weeks. Put on 170 miles from the steepest grades (6%) and slopes to flat paved and gravel roads. The bike moves very well and is responsive. The assist from levels 1 to 5 fits my needs. At 5 it will go up the steepest hill at 12 to 15 mph. Going down hill on grades I’ve hit 40 mph. I’m 200 lbs and 71 years old. The bike is extremely stable for me. Fair price and have no complaints.


So far so good, only goes 20 mph. ??

Tremendously powerful bike with such a seamless design. Easy to assembly and only minutes from box to biking.

Great ride

Fast sour and working great

couldn’t be happier!

I recently rescued a high energy dog and taking him for a run on my pedal bike was ofter too much after a 10 hour day at work. Now Smokey and I can take off and I can pedal until I’m tired and then utilize the electric power. The fat tires are so much more comfortable down the gravel roads we sometimes travel.
It is truly worth every penny of the investment. Smokey has even learned to “sandbag it” sometimes at the end of the run and I can carry him and use the full electric power to get us home.
We both thank you for your wonderful bike!
Sincerely, R Arch

Nice bike

I ordered the Ranger through amazon, got it about a month ago in good shape (no damage). Ive ridden motocross bikes my whole life CR's, RM's etc and wasnt really sure what I'd think of this even though I like mountain bikes too. This thing is a blast! I live in a hilly area and can't believe how effortless this makes it even just using PAS 1 through 3. Its quiet, nothing rattles, REALLY nice welds on the aluminum frame. I fully charged the battery before the first ride and it took maybe an hour and a half to 100%.So far Ive went 60 miles and recharged to 90% 25 miles ago, (probably easier on the battery to stay away from 100% everytime). The thumb throttle is a great feature too if you ever got really tired. I'm pretty impressed with the whole bike. I got it in silver, looks great with the black rims. I'll probably add a suspension seat post later.

Velowave After-sale Service
Robert Adams

Although it took some time, overall I cannot complain. They did there very best to help me with finding everything I needed.

Information availability

The bike is worth the money period
But I would like to have access to a complete repair manual as I do most all the maintenance work myself
Also would like to change some of the equipment to upgrade to my own liking

Velowave Prado S,,, and Batterie,,,

I bought a Velowave Prado S last year, I find the motor noisy, a shame because the bike is super comfortable and powerful, the battery should have had a fist to handle it because it's quite heavy,,

Yay! Zoooooo.

I can get up to 24 26 pretty quick. 30 takes a bit longrr. Im 270lbs. Easy install. Youtube video helps.

My work commute solution

When I bought the bike and received it I didn't realize the red plastic piece wedged in the break caliper needed to be removed. Thankfully I was informed about what to do from a very courteous sales clerk over the phone. I submitted a help request on the Velowave and then emailed pictures of the issue. Ever since I got the bike put together with a little help from my friends it has been a godsend for saving gas. I'm only 6 minutes away from work so it seemed unnecessary to keep driving everyday. Thank you Velowave.

Bicycle Stems for Ranger & Ghost Electric Bike

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