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Darren Sanders
A lot more than I thought it would be

So I originally bought this as a daily driver and so far it has done impeccably. On an overall I love it. I live in a very hill filled area and I was shocked to look down and see that I was going 23 mph up a 20 degree incline or higher 10/10 for the price

Theresa Buchanan


A very good bike

Bought the bike this February 2023. When I got the bike, I assembled the bike in less than 45 minutes. The bike is easy to take out of the box - open the box and then let the packaging slide out of the box. The bike is pretty much assembled. The only components that need to be attached are the front wheels, the handlebars, the pedals - that's it. I was able to ride the bike this weekend and it rode well - I rode it for over a mile. It is a nice bike and is worth it. Highly recommend the bike.

John Dick-Peddie
Excellent bike

Easy to assemble rides fantastic love fat tires

Michael Rubin
Extremely satisfied

I’m so happy to have made this purchase for 2 Velowave Ghosts. Ordering was easy and my E-Bikes arrived so quickly and in perfect condition. The packaging was fantastic! I quickly put the bike together although adding the fenders and luggage rack took a little time and maneuvering but none the less they’re installed. It’s been a week and despite having 40 degree temps I wanted to try them out. Better than expectation and easy to handle. Already 40 miles on and can hardly wait for the warmer weather to ride them. Best choice I’ve made in deciding to get these.

Nice bike

Needs better directions should not have to go on line to get better idea of what to do. They left things to figure out. Bike looks great

Michael Funk
Good bike

I have almost 20 miles on it and it has been great so far.


at first i thought it was going to be hard to ride i’m 5’3 and 110lbs so an 80lb bike is heavy but it’s easy to ride and so smooth. my husband and i are both in our 50’s and we got the fat tire grace step thru we love them so much

Everything I was hoping for.

Best bike I’ve ever owned. Was hesitant about the price but now I feel like I got a deal. Highly recommended.

After the first 1000 miles

I got this bike in November of 2022. Mader a few modifications, better flat protection, seat and extra lighting ($300). I ride daily on and off road. I love riding this bike. My only problem is with technical information. I have had to figure out how the controller works by experiment and online videos. Customer service was great the one time I used it, but they promised a $50 credit (I didn't deserve) but I never got it. Overall of thee three E-bikes I own this is my favorite. I have gone well over the 45 mile predicted distance on a single charge, but I ride with the PA off for exercise. If you ride on lots of different surfaces and want to carry stuff with you this is a great bike for the money. I would buy this bike again.

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Nice bike only riden 40 miles but I am happy with it so far

A must Have

Great for any bumps and vibrations on your spine. Not sure why it didn’t come automatically like some of the cheaper e-bikes out there..? A nice upsell idea though

Back Rack & Fender Kit for Ranger Fat Tire Ebike

Shawn Hartley

I was hoping for a nice, smooth, powerful, well built bike with good customer support. I got all of that with my Grace. The torque sensor makes it very smooth and the build quality is awesome. Packing was good as well. Arrived in good shape. Looking forward to putting on a lot of miles this summer while camping and just local riding in town. Well done Velowave!!!!

John steenburgh
Best bike for $

For a conditioned rider it's amazing using mainly pedal assistant 1 and 2 when needed (well not really needed) . After initial charge I went 40 miles and battery was about 60% ofcourse higher assistant levels and or throttle will get you less but personal pedal level 1 I keep a consistent speed just under 20mph and that's me at a pace that will not exhaust me I could keep riding all day ! I
P.s I'm a real person not paid 2 review what I said is 100% true ... remember I'm a conditioned rider on wheel tire chain and pedal . Highly recommend 5stars

Great product-helps me from bending over

Great Bike!

I've only had the bike for about 2 weeks, but so far, after 6 long bike rides, it has run great. The battery life only lasts for about 20 miles when used on a higher power setting. With pedaling, I can get the speed up to about 35 miles per hour on a flat surface. It seems like a solid bike. It was easy to put together.

Eric B
Fun as Heck

What a blast. I have over 300 miles on it now. No issues. Very capable for moderate off road. Handles fine on the road also. I have seen many mountain e bikes in the price range. I have no regrets buying this one. You can see the pics. . My bikes pretty dirty. That's the way a mountain bike should be.

Dorothy Cooks

Really need one can't walk to good legs hurt bad and can't walk far how do I signed up for one I'm on disability it really could help me aloti would love a red one

Very happy with this bike

I bought this Grace bike during the pre-Christmas 2022 Black Friday Sale. I hadn't ridden a bike in years, but went 25 on my first ride effortlessly. So far I've put 130 miles on my Grace bike, even though it's been winter, and I've gotten caught in the snow a couple of times. I haven't ridden in temperatures above 40 degrees F yet. (I bought a battery wrap to make these temps a little easier on the battery, and it also keeps the battery compartment dry in wet weather. I'm a pretty big guy, but that doesn't seem to have a big impact on battery life or performance. It's smooth and stable and climbs hills like it's nothing. More importantly, those hydraulic disc brakes stop on a dime going back down those hills. It's big bike, but still very manageable. It's also very good looking, and I've actually gotten some compliments on it from other riders. I'm very happy with this purchase and looking forward to many more longer, warmer rides over the coming months.

alan Anderson

easy to put together

This is my second ebike

I sold my first one to a friend. They are extremely durable.

It's all and more thanIt's all and more than I expected. Climbs hills extremely well.

Metal Lock beats the plastic locks anytime

The looks of the metal lock on a Velvowave e-bike makes it look sturdy and tough looking . Very eye appealing.

michael powell
Awesome ride

This bike is perfect. I love it and even if I want to go faster, I’m able to go into the display and obtain faster speed.