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Kenneth Hamilton
Ranger review by Jigster723

I have owned my new Ranger ebike for about 2 weeks now and love riding it.
It's a quality built bike and I hope it provides many years of use. I was disappointed that the handle bar could not be raised without purchasing an
addition part which costs 39.00. I would also like to buy and install a rear rack
but that part is only offered as a fender/rack kit. I don't need the fenders.
Time will tell if it's worth the price but for now I'm very satisfied.

FMTB3 Controller

The controller is great! Unlocks the full potential of the Velowave Fat Tire eMTB.

Still waiting on my controller

Still waiting

Awesome Product

The charger was exactly what I needed, quick shipping and it works great, love my Velowave bike

Love my rear rack

I love this rear rack. Looks awesome on my bike, easy to install, works great!

Happy Birthday to me❤️

First off special thanks to Sabrina for helping me adjust the Black Friday discount from the original price.
I thought I missed out on the sale it's so nice that it's not all about the money, it's like taking care of their customers. Very fast reply to emails and great communication as well . The Velowave Ghost 500 is what I purchased. It is a very comfortable bike to ride on with a lot of power.
I'm 5'7'' 170bls, live in San Francisco Bay Area, first day I took it out for a nice ride 25 miles with 25% of juice remaining. It was a mix of up and down hills, through the park on grass and some sandy areas near the beach. You can't go wrong with this bike it is a great choice. The max speed was 25 miles per hour as stated, with pedal assist you can reach up to 28 mph. Traveling downhill at 32 mph gravity pulls you even faster be warned just like regular bikes you can crash so use caution. The manual brakes work perfectly no weird sounds, squeals or sudden stops nice and smooth stops. The mud guard is very lightweight plastic in the back rack is very light aluminum very strong easy to put on. Bike is easily to operate the screen is very small on the left side with just enough information you'll need to ride. All the gears change from the right hand using a twist to change gears nice and smooth. The lights are very bright and the shocks are nice and smooth and adjustable. Very nice to be part of the Velowave Family.
Please do not hesitate you won't regret buying this E-bike. YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
\_Bisayang Dako_/
The ghost bike that you can use for work for long range of miles. Reaching 4,629 miles

Reaching at 4,629 miles after a year of use:

Use for work, 30 miles back and forth (at 15 miles for going and 15 miles back = 30 miles) using number 1 speed on the screen display with pedal assist.

Combination lock

Nice lock.It rolls up nicely to fit under the seat.came without instructions but service was great in helping with instructions.

Bottle cage for ebike

Seems like it’s only big enough for a narrow water bottle.

Richard Baker
Love it! Prado s commuter bike

I received my Prado s commuter bike 2 weeks ago. I've already put 180 miles on it. It has been a lot of fun. It was very easy to assemble and I have been impressed with the power and battery life. I feel that Velowave offers good value for their products compared to competitors. They have also replied to any support emails I've had with questions. I feel this bike will last as it appears to have been made well.

Handlebar riser

Provides flexibility of a more upright position or stretched out trail position.

Nice eBike

Only had it a few days. So far I really like it. It is the Velowave Pony. I am 5'2" and it fits me great. It has a lot of power so far. Look forward to taking it down to FL and riding on the state park trails.

Long lasting battery.

Fast shipping. I am happy you guys have these in stock when I really needed another one. Anything to keep my bike maintained makes me a happy customer. Thanks.


This is the best eBike company out there. Great value for the money and great customer service.

good seat !

My derrière is seven decades old, and although the stock seat is a good seat, my butt got sore after riding a few miles. I purchased an aftermarket “wide saddle” which was although somewhat better, it still wasn’t nailing it. I finally purchased the upgrade seat through Velowave, and it looks like we have a winner! I now enjoy longer rides on my Velowave Prado.

Awesome bike seat!

The bike seat that came with my bike was like sitting on wood. When I saw this one by the makers of the bike I had to have it. Best investment I ever made!

Got me riding more

Received my Grace bike a couple weeks ago. Assembly was easy and very well packaged. Only got about 40 miles on it so far, but that’s more than I had on my other bike all season. The only thing that I have a little trouble with is I don’t know how to reset the trip meter and time. The assist works great. I’ve ridden my wife’s with a cadence sensor and a 500 watt motor and there’s no comparison between these. This is so much easier on the same terrain. I’ve ridden on some rough woods roads and I had no problems with handling a heavy bike and the ride was comfortable. The colors on the black are great! Just waiting for the fenders and rack to come out to complete this great bike. I’m 66 years old and want to do more healthy things like bike riding. I haven’t had to use more than level 1 assist other than 1 hill that I have never pedaled all the way up even with a 21speed bike. I finally pedaled all the way up and did it in 3rd gear and level 3 assist. I like this bike. What else can I conquer next?

Friendly to 5.2 "height

I paid attention to the brand "velowave" before, but there was no electric bike suitable for my height. Now I bought pony, which is very convenient for commuting.

Sabrina in Velowave email support 5 star

She recommended off- controller and main be replaced instead of battery. She was right! No soldering just two Allen wrenches that came included with package . Thankyou for sending video links also on how to install new controller and main wire.

Great eMountain Bike for the price

I've had the Ranger eBike for 2 weeks far pretty good!

What I like:
Good battery range - have logged 300 miles and no issues with battery. Great power - there is maybe a 1/2 second delay at times but no issues for me. Even at 70+lbs and my 220lb frame, this bike really moves and doesn't feel as heavy.
Front shock at 80mm is good, I like that I can lock it out when riding on roads.
Headlight is so bright people were blinded by it. Great at night, I can see trees.

What I don't like:
Kenda tire went flat after 1 week - I ran over a very small thorn and was surprised that my front tire was flat the next morning. Easy enough to change, but frustrating given the size of the tire you would think it wouldn't puncture that easily.
Brakes are good, but for the size of the bike they could be upgraded so that you stop a lot quicker. Going down hills with the momentum of this heavy bike doesn't allow for quick stopping.
I had issues shifting gears twice and my chain locked up completely. Once I stopped I was able to fix rather quickly and my chain actually never went off track which was good. It's never happened again.

Overall, I would highly recommend this bike for the price range. I did a lot of research and found this is the best bike in this price range. Other bikes cost $3k-$4k more. You definitely get better components on those bikes but for my needs this suits me well. I ride it on the road and offroad.

Kurt Davis
Fun in the Mountains

First trip on the new Velowave Ghost was in the Grand Canyon NP North Rim. Had a great time riding on both pavement and dirt roads! Fun Ebike to ride and the Ghost seems to be a great bike for the price!

Good bike but needs new derailleur

I bought the ranger for my employee and liked it so much I got one for myself but the chain fell off constantly and I wasn’t able to adjust it to stay on so I had the local bike shop put on a new derailleur and the thing pedals and rides like a dream. I also plan to buy my wife another model from the same company but I’m automatically assuming I will have to bring it to the bike shop to make it ridable but overall I am happy for the price

Zachary Sayah
Tank of a bike

This thing is an absolute beast. As a graduate student, I got this bike to help with my commute uphill to campus and it did not disappoint. Powerful motor and pedal assist make my commute a breeze. Only thing I would say is the brakes should be bigger.

Kerry Grabowski
Great Bike!

Did not get out much with the bike but so far so good. I’m loving the torque it supplies and the bike is solid throughout. I recommend this bike highly so why pay thousands when you can get this under $1400.

Velowave Ranger

Velowave Ranger, this is my first E-Bike, I am 61 years old and never really been a big bike person. With all the trails and gravel roads in our area I decided to investigate E-bikes. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on my first e-bike I searched many bikes in the $1500 dollar ±$500 range, I knew I wanted an MTB type bike for the back roads, but I also would be riding some black top and paved bike routes.

My first ride I was only planning to go 3 -4 miles but before I knew it, I rode 16 miles on a mix of gravel roads, trails both single track and paved bike paths, the bike was very smooth and comfortable to ride I’m 5’ 8”. The next day did a 32-mile ride same conditions the battery was fully charged and down to 10% when I got back, I rode mostly in P3, P4 sometime in P5 and a little throttle only.

I have zero experience with a fat tire bike, if the Ranger was available in the 27.5” MTB tire like the Ghost I feel I would have purchased that option, but I really wanted the 750W motor. After my wife took the bike for a ride she was sold, and we ordered her the ghost it will be interesting trading back and forth to see the difference.

Comfort = This bike fits me nice I may try a handlebar riser in the future.

Tires = Nice grip on gravel and sand will try it in the snow soon. The tires are not very loud on the pavement a bit louder than road tires but nothing that will annoy you.

Battery = I feel range would be ~35 miles for my riding style.

Display = I like the small display/controller it has everything needed in a compact easy to use package that doesn’t stick out. The speed and distance traveled is very accurate as I compared it to my GPS. The Battery life is a little off, after 17 miles I had 79%, the next 15 miles it dropped to 10% so don’t ride one direction until you hit 50% because you may run out on your way back.

Brakes = The Hydraulic system works as expected no issues, I did have a slight squeak the first few miles but after using them it went away.

Motor/Cadence sensor = The motor is very smooth and works well with the sensor, it does take about a ½ turn of the pedals for the motor to assist, so if on a hill a little push on the thumb throttle helps to get you moving (especially when you forget and leave the derailleur in 7th speed). The motor has a very slight noise but nothing annoying it was less than what I expected.

Front suspension = Nice range of setting no issues

Thumb throttle = At first, I didn’t know if I would like the left-hand throttle after riding motorcycles, quads and snowmobiles for many years, but after the first few rides it seem fine and easy to use and being on the same side at the display it works out well.

Derailleur = Works as expected, no adjustments needed.

Head Light = looks to be bright but have not ridden in the dark yet, would have been nice to have a taillight.

Kickstand – Seems solid and firm when riding.

Fenders – I did not order fenders didn’t really like the looks; I may need to see about finding something that is not a wrap around.

Looks fit/finish – I really like the look, paint and decals are not in your face they blend in well. The aluminum welds look top notch, cable management is very well done. One thing I really like is the way the battery fits into the down tube out of the way, easy to remove or charge in place.

Packaging – Bike was very well packaged arrived with a few holes in the cardboard box but nothing that got through the protective foam.