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Although it’s recommended for gravel riding, this bike’s 26×4 fat tires roll over sand, snow and rugged terrain. A thumb throttle offers a quick boost for steeper inclines. Pedal assist technology lets you determine how much extra power you need at any given time.

The Ranger can also be configured to meet Class 3 specifications. Owners found it comfortable and capable on-road and off. It is a heavy beast, at almost 75lb.

Snow and sand riders know that fat tire bikes are the best for those sometimes tricky surfaces. The Ranger from Velowave is an ideal fat tire e-bike that has enough power to conquer the trail throughout the year, but can also easily plow through snow and sand.

This bike prioritizes convenience with an average full charge mileage of between twenty-five and forty miles and a removable battery pack. Comfort is provided as well through the adjustable seat, hydraulic brake, and suspension fork.

Ebike manufacturer that uses Bafang motors, Samsung batteries, and Kenda tires with a mountain bike, fat bike, and flat bar road bike option.

Velowave is a committed company that has been in the cycling industry for several years and is committed to producing reliable, high-quality e-bikes for families across the globe.

When buying a Velowave eBike direct, their customer service is top-notch. You can have confidence that you’re getting honest service and responsiveness when purchasing one of their eBikes. 

The motor on the Velowave 500-watt electric mountain bike is, as the name implies, 500 watts, and is a geared hub motor. This means that the motor is fully integrated into the gear hub allowing for a smaller motor to be used.

Velowave has been a company in the bicycle industry for several years now and is committed to designing and producing high-quality and reliable electric bikes suitable for everyone.

The Velowave Ghost MTB3 has some nice features for a cheaper electric bike. With a respectable 48v 13Ah battery and 500W rear hub motor, this e-bike will be ideal for commuting or moderate off-road adventures.

Looking over the specs, it’s priced well considering battery capacity, motor wattage, and that it has hydraulic brakes and a hydraulic front fork. You usually pay much closer to $2k or above for a bike equipped with such components.

If you’re looking for a bike that punches well above its weight in the price department, then the Velowave 750w ebike is the one for you.

If you’re one of those people who really enjoy electric bikes but are not yet ready to cycle at lightning speed, you must check out VELOWAVES’s 28mph RANGER electric bicycle!

750W high-speed BAFANG brushless motor provides an electric bike max speed of up to 28 mph. 80Nm of torque is enough for your daily riding on all terrains, ensuring an excellent riding experience off-road.

Velowave Electric Bike has high strength with a large hydraulic suspension front fork. This feature helped me to go off the trail on many bumps on the mountain.

An all-terrain fat-tire electric bike, the Velowave Ranger offers little in the way of surprises. Instead, this multipurpose bike delivers value for money. 

For a solid combination of value, power, and versatility, consider the Ghost mountain bike by Velowave.

Are you looking to travel more than 20 miles per charge without having to pedal? This VELOWAVE RANGER FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike that also features a 750-watt motor, front fork, and hydraulic brakes has got you covered.

Velowave works together with One Tree Planted to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

I recently purchased a silver Ghost from Velowave. It's just 57 pounds and features a 500-watt rear hub motor and 13ah battery in the down tube. It's great on the trail and faster than you think.

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