What Is Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Electric Bicycle? A Guide for You!

What Is Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Electric Bicycle? A Guide for You!

What Is Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Electric Bicycle? A Guide for You!

Class 3 electric bicycles with the other two classes of bicycles are getting increasingly popular in recent years. But when this word hits, some people may wonder what an electric bicycle is, and what differences exist between class1, class 2, and class 3. Thus, today, let’s disclose the secrets of electric bicycles.

What is an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, are actually bicycles equipped with motors, assisted by battery powers. It looks like a normal bike or an electric motorbike but holds the mixed functions of those two vehicles. Some e-bikes keep pedals and still need human power to move. And the speed is at least at up to 20 mph when assisted with the motors.

It is much quicker than the normal bikes which are only up to 15 mph, but it still allows you to enjoy the pleasure of riding by yourselves. For those pursuing fast speed and body exercise, e-bikes are a good choice for keeping fit.

Classes of electric bicycles

Similar to other vehicles, there are 3 classes of electric bicycles. Class 1 electric vehicles are pedal operated with the assistance of motors inside. It is not equipped with throttles and reaches the max speed of up to 20 mph. Please notice that if you are faster than 20 mph, the e-bike is going to stop providing assistance, for that security is guaranteed.

For this type of bike, you’d better ride it on bike lanes, bike paths, and normal roads for your excursion. It allows you to have enough time for enjoying the beautiful scenery on the roadsides and don’t need to worry much about safety issues, because you can apply your brakes to slow down in time at such a speed.

Class 2 electric bicycles are also pedal operated with assistance, but it is equipped with throttles that always come in twist grip. When you twist the handle, the bike would make a start without pedaling. And the speed is up to 20 mph, too. When in that condition, the bike will cease to provide assistance. Compared to class 1, class 2 is much easier and requires less effort. Besides normal ridden roads like class 1, it is also suitable for commuting. Traffic jams can’t bother you anymore.

When it comes to class 3, it permits the max speed up to 28 mph without throttles. It is only pedaling that gives the assistance with motor for much speed. But it gets a speedometer showing your current speed when riding. It could not be used on bike paths because it is much faster than the other two classes. And people who like cycling prefer class 3 electric bicycles. It not only provides a fast speed but keeps the original movement of bikes.

The 3 classes of e-bikes above are undoubtedly all equipped with motors. What makes them different mainly lies in speed and throttles equipped. You can choose the best electric bicycles according to your preference, but don’t forget to wear a helmet if you are under 17 when riding class 1 and class 2 e-bikes. And for riders of class 3 e-bikes, helmets are a must, whether old or young.

Regulations on e-bikes

As e-bikes get more popular, more issues also occur. America and EU countries both put increasingly stricter regulations on e-bikes. Take America for example. When more e-bikes appear on streets and roads, people find that it is confusing to treat these vehicles. Does it need licenses? Is everyone allowed to ride an electric bicycle? Is it access to bike infrastructure?

And then much more specific rules and regulations are conducted to ensure the safe and ordered use of e-bikes. However, those regulations enacted differ in different states. If you are planning an e-bike trip, it’s better to understand the e-bike laws in every state you pass. It’s meant to protect yourselves and the passengers around you. Otherwise, you will be fined for violating the local laws.

In a word, electric bikes are becoming important vehicles in people’s daily lives. It mixes the advantages of standard bikes and electric motorbikes, permitting less effort and gathering more pleasure while riding. If you are a fitness fanatic, don’t miss the e-bikes, especially the class 3 electric bicycle. It could provide you with more surprises than you imagine.



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