How Do Electric Bikes Work? Check this Out!

How Do Electric Bikes Work? Check this Out!

How Do Electric Bikes Work? Check This Out!
How do electric bikes work? Is it the same as a motorcycle? Some people confuse electric bicycles and motorcycles when they first encounter this term, but they are not the same thing. Motorcycles need to burn oil, which is relatively polluting to the atmosphere, consumes a lot of fuel, and is more expensive.

Electric bicycles use a motor to assist the movement of the pedals, thereby reducing the burden of people riding bicycles, and it is not necessary to ride the bicycle so hard, especially when going uphill, the help of the motor will be very user-friendly.

The rock of the electric bike: battery

Next, let's talk about electric bicycles in detail. First of all, it is a battery that supplies power to the motor. A typical electric bike battery produces around 300-750 watts, which is enough power to get you on the road for half an hour. You can check the 750W high-speed strong BAFANG geared motor from the VELOWAVE RANGER FAT TIRE EBIKE, this motor model allows you to drive or pedal smoothly on the road with only 6-8 hours fully charged.

There are some full-power e-bikes designed for use in relatively Minimize pedaling for short distances. The large battery and powerful in-wheel motors allow you to ride 15-30 km on electric power. You can easily drive the bike downtown within this range.

How do electric bikes work on the road?

Just now we mentioned that electric bikes are driven by batteries, which give power to the motor. How do electric bikes work with the power of a motor? In simple terms, the process is that the wheels spin as you are pedaling along the road. A generator mounted on the rear wheel produces power and drives it in reverse. When you turn on the motors or cycle, it automatically spins the tires and makes the bike move with or without any pedal assistance.

The current market provides two different types of motors when shopping for an electric bike: the motor in the crank and the motor in the rear hub. Most modern motors are placed in the bottom bracket where between the crank or inside the hub of the rear wheel. So, you will find the bottom frame of bikes is larger than the regular bikes.

Let’s take the VELOWAVE GRACE STEP THRU EBIKE for example, this newly launched autumn electric bicycle also uses the same 750W high-speed Bafang geared motor as other models of VELOWAVE. This motor can provide strong power. Whether it is a child or an adult, it can easily reach 28+MPH with one pedal. The throttle can reach 20MPH, which is suitable for those who like to ride outdoors.

Since it is driven by a pedal and motor, how to manage and ensure your speed if you are on the road? It is very important that you can drive safely on the road. You can see on the market that almost every electric bike will have some sensors that monitor your cycling, how can they do it?

For example, your bike can measure and determine when to instruct the motor to turn the throttle or it’s time you will need to pedal. Speed sensors monitor how fast you are driving on the road while the torque sensor monitors how fast you pedal. As the harder or faster you pedal, the faster you go. So, for your driving safety, these sensors that are hidden inside the frame will complement each other to assist your riding.

Also, depending on the model or size of electric bikes or e-bikes you own, local regulations have different requirements for cycling speed, such as 30mph per hour in some cities. So, when you are driving an electric bike, you should be aware of the speed limit. It is not like you can pedal or drive at any speed or rush on the road. Thus, cycling an electric bike is safe as cycling a regular bike.

Battery and motor are the two basic parts that help the electric bikes work. From the working principle above, we can see that electric bicycles are very suitable for smooth riding on hills, slopes, rough terrain, etc. You can also ride with more power and precision than a regular bike. It lets those who can’t ride traditional bikes because of body aches discover the joy of cycling!

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