What Do You Need to Know When Choosing the Best Electric Bike Rack?

What Do You Need to Know When Choosing the Best Electric Bike Rack?

What Do You Need To Know When Choosing The Best Electric Bike Rack?

Bike lovers will not miss the chance of buying the best electric bike rack! Today, the bicycle no longer exists as a means of transportation but has become a fashionable fitness product. Especially for a special group of people who like to ride and need to use bicycles for short commutes, bicycles, or electric bicycles are too important. But the parking place is very troublesome.

Why do we need an electric bike rack?

Some people want to simply park the bike at home, but there are still children at home, and they will bump if they don't run away. Some people's homes are relatively small, and it is not easy to park. And some people pay more attention to the quality of life. If you leave the car at home, it will be unsanitary and will affect the beauty of the house.

Imagine if you got one of the best electric bike racks, you could easily save 40% of the space in one step, and it is very labor-saving. So, such a product has very significant advantages.

How to choose the best electric bike rack?

There will be many brands of racks of different functions, sizes, and prices on the market, how do we select our ideal item? When considering electric bike racks to choose from, we can start with the following aspects.

1. Stability and Space Saving

Because when the bicycle is parked indoors, the front handle is very weak and takes up a lot of space. So, stability is very important for choosing a rack. It is not harmful to the outer tires when it is set up. It is very suitable for people who have not used a parking rack before at home. Because the bicycle is parked on the wall, it must be against the wall. All solved!

The traditional trailer rack requires you to lift the car hard to put it on, and in some new trailer racks, if you push it into the slot, the hanger will automatically rise, even the elderly can easily hang up the car, when you need to ride, just pull your car back, the hook will automatically fall, yes Isn't it super convenient? Also saves space!

2. Weight and Load Bearing Capacity

Secondly, the purchase should pay attention to the material and weight of the product. Maybe you don't just want to use the rack at home, maybe you will take it with you when you go out, and you can also use it on the roadside. For example, the material carbon steel is relatively light and stable, so you can choose this material. It is very solid and sturdy while also light weighted. When you assemble the rack, you will feel easy, not something heavy and sharp, that makes you nuts.

Another thing to pay attention to is its load-bearing capacity. For example, some brand promotions will say how many pounds of load or how many pounds of bicycles can be supported. For example, how does the parking frame of two bikes count as load-bearing? Is the sum of the two bikes not more than 60lbs? Some brands will clearly mark the maximum capacity of 80lbs per bicycle. This is clearer. When purchasing, you can buy according to your own bicycle model and style.

3. Wheels and Security

Another thing to look out for is if the rack is universal wheel holders fit any bike with up to 5" tires. Or do they narrow the holders to what size of the wheel, like 58-inches wheels up to 3 tires, or 50-inches wheels up to 5 tires? Not the larger, the better, you will have to choose based on your current needs and your bikes. With universal wheel holders, you can easily store all your bikes at home and go on a trip together with your family or friends.

Other racks may cut corners, and not all parts are stainless or carbon steel. If you accidentally buy a rack with plastic clips, it's not durable! After a few times of opening and locking, they’ll lose. You should be looking for some racks with durable straps and locking cables, which can add an extra sense of security, especially when you stop for lunch along the way! You don’t want your bike stolen!

4. More accessories

Carrying the handle and wall mount is another point we should be looking for. What’s more, you may also want to discover if the bike rack is compatible with RV use. Why? If not, you can’t take it on the RV if you are driving.

We hope the above tips on choosing the best electric bike rack will help you to get the perfect placement for your bike.

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  • Hello, we are looking for a good bike rack for our 5th wheel. We just bought your new bikes and want to take them camping with us. Can you help? Thanks

    Susan Rhodes

    - Susan Rhodes

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