Are You Looking for an Electric Bicycle with Big Tires?

Are You Looking for an Electric Bicycle with Big Tires?

Are You Looking For an Electric Bicycle With Big Tires?

Are You Looking for an Electric Bicycle with Big Tires?

Do you want to buy an electric bicycle with big tires? Some people will ask how to choose the tires of a bike. There are too many types of electric bicycles with different types and motors on the market, and it is very difficult to choose. The choice of tires must match the bike. If they do not match, no matter how expensive and good tires are, it will be twice the result with half the effort.

As the saying goes, only buy the right ones, not the expensive ones. Today, we will give you some suggestions for choosing an electric bicycle from several aspects.

First of all, battery life is something we need to consider when buying an electric bike. As far as tire power consumption is concerned, wider tires will increase power consumption, and their different materials will also have an impact on battery life. The current wide range of electric vehicles, they are usually divided into semi-hot-melt and conventional tires. We can generally think that the conventional rubber material is harder and more durable while the semi-hot melt is softer and has greater friction, and is correspondingly less durable.

As far as these two are concerned, which one is more economical in power consumption and performs better? Although the small friction force will have an impact on the speed, its low price is favored by the public, and it can also be used. To meet the needs of daily commuting or travel, it is also relatively popular in terms of sales. And semi-hot-melt tires are only configured in a few models of electric vehicles. It doesn't matter whether it saves electricity or not, and a safe riding experience is the most important thing.

How to compare the electric bicycle with big tires?

Everyone who own a bike before knows that apart from the tire brand, the smaller the flat ratio, the higher the cost of tires. On the one hand, the smaller the flat ratio, the same air pressure, the wider the tire, the larger the contact area with the ground, the more power consumption, the smaller the tire deformation, the better the movement, and the higher the speed, and the better the perception of the road surface.

On the other hand, the higher the flat ratio of the tire. The tires are thin, the contact area with the road surface is small, and electricity is saved. The disadvantage is that the feeling of the road surface is poor.

Of course, in electric bikes, there is another way of expressing tire specifications, such as 3.00-10. In this imperial expression, 3.0 means tires with a width of 3.0 inches, which are also standard tires for many electric vehicles. The tires are thinner and more power efficient.

When choosing tires, if you want to save electricity, choose conventional tires. In the case of ensuring a certain grip, the tires can be appropriately thinner. If it is a lightweight electric bike or an electric bike, the speed is relatively fast, you can choose conventional tires, which should be wider to increase the grip ability and ensure safety. The semi-hot tires are perfect for an electric bike with high motor power and fast speed increase, which can shorten the braking distance and make riding safer.

If you are looking for an electric bicycle with big tires, consider the RANGER FAT TIRE EBIKE. These 26"*4.0" fat tires are very slip-resistant and wear-resistant. If you usually like outdoor ridings, such as going to snow and sand, then you can't miss this bike. Fat tires can ride smoothly on rough terrain without worrying about bumps that hurt your butt.

In addition to the good quality tires, this fat-tie electric bike has an aluminum body that is sturdy and sturdy. It uses a convenient handling system that provides the rider with a variety of riding modes, while the hydraulic disc brake system can help the braking performance be reliable and responsive so that you can ride safely.

Don't worry about the speed, this RANGER FAT TIRE EBIKE is equipped with a 750W high-efficiency motor and a 48V/15AH lithium battery, and an LG battery, which can travel 25-40+ miles per full charge. It only takes 8 hours for you to fully charge the power supply. Generally, you only need 60-80% of the power to ride to and from get off work.

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