What Is E-biking? Is It Worth Buying? Beginner's Guide To e-Bikes!

What Is E-biking? Is It Worth Buying? Beginner's Guide To e-Bikes!

What is E biking? Is it worth buying? Beginner’s guide to e-bikes!

Many people may have heard of e-bikes and wonder what is e biking these days. Now that road congestion is worsening, electric bicycles have become a good choice for people to travel short distances, like grocery shopping and commuting. e-bikes offer an efficient and energy-saving way to get around.

What is E biking?

E-biking is also known as e-bikes, which stands for electric bicycles. E-bikes refer to motorized bicycles with an integrated electric motor for assisting propulsion. Now there are many different types of e-bikes out there. Still, they may be divided into two main groups: pedelecs, which help the rider's pedal power, and throttle-added bikes, which incorporate moped-style capability.

An essential difference between e-bikes and electric bicycles is that most e-bikes have canceled the pedal design of bicycles. It simply uses electricity as a power source, completely replacing manpower. The electric bicycle is a hybrid operation mode of manpower and electricity. The addition of electricity is not to replace the manpower, but to strengthen the manpower. Therefore, if you do not step on the pedals, electricity cannot drive the vehicle alone.

How do e-Bikes work?

The motorcycle is loaded with a torque sensor based on an ordinary bicycle. It is equipped with a cadence sensor and a speed sensor to form a new type of vehicle with a "triple sensor system." The sensor system can accurately sense the pedaling force, cadence, and vehicle speed of the cyclist during the riding process. It processes the triple data through the algorithm. Finally, it controls the motor to output the power that meets the cyclist's needs.

A torque sensor detects how hard you pedal and boosts the bike accordingly. Therefore, you will ride quicker if you pedal harder and larger the boost. How much assistance you receive is also up to you. When you need more help, most e-bikes have a power switch that allows you to change the boost level from low to high.

The battery, which may be housed inside the frame or attached on the outside, provides power. While some batteries might require removal for charging, others must be charged on the bike. If so, you must have a place to store the bike close to a power outlet.

Pros and cons of e-Bikes


1. E-bikes make pedaling easier 

Electric bicycles make the riding process more labor-saving than bicycles because of the support of electricity. At the same time, in the face of some uphill roads that are difficult for bikes to pass, the motorcycle can give some push to the manpower, making the riding process smoother.

2. Environmental-friendly  

E-bikes are zero-emission vehicles since they don't produce combustion byproducts. Still, it's essential to consider the environmental impacts of producing and distributing energy and recycling batteries. Even after considering these problems, e-bikes are still regarded as ecologically friendly in urban settings than cars due to their much-reduced environmental effect.

3. Health effect 

It’s been demonstrated that riding e-bikes results in more physical activity. Since they made longer excursions, e-bikers in seven European cities had a 10% greater weekly energy consumption than other bikers. Due to the ability to take brief breaks from pedaling and the assurance that they will be able to complete the chosen path without becoming overly exhausted, e-bikes are good for people who find it difficult to exercise for an extended time.


1. Battery issue 

Regarding the battery problem, we not only need to consider the battery consumption but also pay attention to the battery lifespan. Since the lifespan implies how often you'll need to replace the battery, it's also not a small expense. And if your e-bike contains lead-acid batteries, it tends to get damaged if you don't use the bike for a long time or overcharge it. But this is not something that happens often. After all, any product requires maintenance of some kind.

2. E-bikes are overall pricey 

It is already common knowledge that e-bikes are far more expensive than regular bikes. Various reasons determine the high price. Most mid-range and high-end devices combine extra features for user convenience. If you think your long-term pleasurable experience can perfectly compensate for its slightly more expensive price. Don't hesitate to buy it!

3. High costs for repairs and maintenance

The idea that electric bikes require expensive maintenance and repairs is based on a variety of scenarios that could happen and have an impact on the functionality of your e-bike. To fully utilize your e-bike, you will need to have these features fixed, like LCD screens and other broken electronic components to its motor's sensors. All in all, more sophisticated instruments mean more parts.

Now, you must have a specific understanding of what is e-biking. It brings more convenience and new experiences to your life. However, everyone must consider whether to buy or not according to their needs and financial ability.

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