What Are the Different Types of Bike Brakes?

What Are the Different Types of Bike Brakes?
What Are the Different Types of Bike Brakes?

There are many different types of bike brakes available to users. However, the types of bike brakes vary depending on the kind of biking you do or the material used to make your bike. All bike brakes come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you need them for. Here are some of the most popular types:

1, Disc brakes

Disc brakes represent the most common type of bike brakes. Disc brakes are mechanical and use rotational force to stop a bike. Disc brake systems involve a rotor (the half-circle caliper of a disk brake) that attaches to a wheel hub, with an additional plate/caliper attached to the disc as well. The rotor is supported by the rotor holder or body (or both) which will allow one disc brake set up for mountain bikes, road bikes, or hybrids.

2, V Brake

V brakes represent the most common type of bike brakes on commuter bikes, children's bikes, and some recreational bikes. They are inexpensive and make use of a brake pad, which is the part that comes into contact with the wheel while braking. The brake pads do not require much power and can be used until they wear out.

3, Roller Brake

Roller brakes are among the different types of bike brakes that make use of a wheel to stop the bike instead of using brakes like other bikes. The wheel is used to stop or slow down a bicycle by way of wheel friction with the ground. Roller brakes tend to be very compact and easy to install, but they do require more skill when initially using them because they rely on you keeping your balance while braking so that you can keep the bike under control.

4, Drum Brake

Drum braking has been used in motorcycles for years, but it is now starting to gain popularity with mountain bikes because it makes use of low-friction material and only requires light pressure when braking. Drum brakes have been proven to be adjustable, but they do have a higher initial cost when compared to other types.

5, Rim Brakes

Rim braking is among the most common types of bike brakes on mountain bikes because of its durable construction and ability to withstand heavier weights. The rim brake is mounted directly on the wheel, which means that you can slow down a bike or stop it by applying pressure on the wheel. These brakes can come in different forms, such as V-brake or disc brake, and are very popular in many different countries around the world.

6, Cantilever brakes

Cantilever brakes are among the different types of bike brakes that are mounted on both sides of the wheel. They always have a rear and front arm which makes them ideal for off-road bikes because they can adjust to the ups and downs of a trail while allowing you to have excellent braking power.

7, Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc braking systems represent one of the more advanced types of bike brakes. This system eliminates cable friction by using fluid pressure instead, which helps to keep your bike in good condition as well as eliminate common problems that make it hard to stop or slow down your bike. Hydraulic disc brakes are ideal for bikes that go fast and can help to bring your bike to a screeching stop in a hurry. They are a great choice for avid bikers.


The type of bike brakes you choose will depend on your purpose and the kind of biking you do. These are just some of the many different types of bike brakes available on the market, but no matter what kind you buy, it is important to make sure that they are right for you. Even if you see them, you can get a clear idea by going to a store that sells bikes and bike accessories and seeing them in person.

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