What the Best Lubrication for Bike Chain Should Contain?

What the Best Lubrication for Bike Chain Should Contain?
What the Best Lubrication for Bike Chain Should Contain?

The best lubrication for bike chains is one that is wet and slippery. This reduces the amount of friction between the bike chain's links and therefore decreases wear on the chain. A good lubricant will also replenish some lost oils during use, helping it stay lubricated for longer than if it was routinely dry. Here is what lubrication for a bike chain should contain to make it ideal for its purpose:

1, Moisture:

Moisture is the main component of all lubricants, and some of the most recent lubricants are 100% water. A lubricant should contain at least 70% water to be effective. If it contains less than this amount, it will become permanently dry soon after being applied and quickly become useless.

2, Wax:

The best lubrication for bike chains should be made up of synthetic or natural wax or a combination of both. Natural waxes are created through the waxy cuticles found on leaves and other organic material, while chemists design synthetic waxes by blending a variety of chemicals to make specific molecules known as surfactants. Both types of wax are effective at slowing the rate of friction. Generally, only those manufacturers that include natural wax use it, as their customers do not want to remove their cuticles.

3, Anti-Viscosity Agent:

The best lubrication for bike chains should also contain some sort of anti-viscosity agent. If a lubricant is like chewing gum in your mouth, friction is the way you would chew it up with your teeth. The lubricant may initially be able to withstand the friction with its viscosity, but eventually, it will wear down and become too dry to adequately lubricate your chain as well as required.

4, Surfactants:

The best lubrication for bike chains should also contain some type of surfactant, such as silica. This is mainly because these types of surfactants are good at breaking up oil films so that they can fully penetrate all parts of the bike chain's links. This helps to keep the chain lubricated for a longer period.

5, Anionic Detergent:

The best lubrication should also contain anionic detergents because it helps remove dirt and grime, hindering its effectiveness.

6, Resins:

The best lubrication should also contain resins because they are good at preventing corrosion from reoccurring again after being removed. They are also good at keeping the dirt and grime on the road from adhering to your chain during a ride.

7, Wetting Agent:

The last component contained in the best lubrication is a wetting agent. This is not only good at preventing the chain from drying out, but it also helps to spread the lubricant more evenly over all parts of the chain, meaning that fewer parts will require lubricating. The main ingredients of this article are water and waxes, which are excellent for reducing friction on bicycles.


In conclusion, there are several different kinds of lubrication for bike chains, and the best kind is one that keeps your bike's chain running smoothly without wearing it out over a long period. If you want your bicycle to last as long as possible, then you should try to find and use this type of bike chain lubricant whenever possible.

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