How Often Should You Lube Your Bike Chain to Make It Long Last?

How Often Should You Lube Your Bike Chain to Make It Long Last?
How often should You Lube Your Bike Chain to Make it Long Last?

How often should you lube your bike chain is a question that many people ask. It can be quite difficult to know how often your bike chain should be lubed, as well as what type of oil is the best to use. When you are regularly riding your bike, you will find that the bike chain slicks up with dirt and oil from the engine and this can cause it to wear out a lot faster than normal. This means that it is important to clean it regularly and then apply a good quality lubricant before putting it away with safety in mind. The reasons why you need to lube your bike chain.

1, Protecting it from wear

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering your bike chain lube is that you need to apply it regularly. If you don't do this it will begin to wear out a lot quicker and so will your bike. If your bike chain gets dirty, there are a few different things that can happen. It can start to become a lot less flexible and this means that the tension on the bike chain will be reduced which makes the chain more susceptible to breakages.

2, Bike chain life

The second thing that you should think about when applying lube to your bike chain is how long it will last. You will find that this depends on the type of lubricant that you put on your bike chain and the intensity of use. The more use that you subject your chains to, the quicker they will wear out. As stated before, cleanliness is important and so is applying a good quality lube regularly. This may explain how often should you lube your bike chain.

3, Bike chain safety

Many people don't realize just how important bike chain lube is when it comes to keeping your machine safe whilst riding on the road or track. If your bike chain has been exposed to dirt and isn't properly lubricated, you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation.You need to realize that if your bike chain has come into contact with something that it should not have, this can cause the chain to come off.

4, Waterproof, anti-corrosion properties

The third thing to consider is the fact that good quality lube can be used to protect your bike chain against corrosion. If you keep your bike lubricated it will last longer and this means that you won't have to replace it as often. It is also important to remember that you can use a water-resistant type of lube and this will ensure that your bike chain is protected from water and harsh chemicals and dirt.

How long should you apply lubricant to your bike chain?

When considering how long you should apply a lube to your bike chain, there are a few different factors to think about. The first thing to consider is the amount of use that you give your bicycle chain. If you want it to last longer, you should apply lube after every ride and keep this up for two weeks for an average bike chain.

In conclusion, how often should you lube your bike chain depends on the type of lubricant that you use. If you need a waterproof, anti-corrosive chain, then it is a good idea to apply a lube after every ride for at least two weeks. If you don't follow this routine, then your bicycle chain will wear out quicker and this can lead to disaster when riding.

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