Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Bike

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Bike
Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Bike

Are you looking for tips on how to choose an electric bicycle? This article is all you need. E-bikes look like traditional bikes, but the built-in motor is the main difference. Most bicycles have varying styles; thus, choosing the ideal e-bike can be a hassle. Factors to consider when choosing an electric bicycle.

1, Electric bicycle class

Every electric bike has a class. The class is used to define the speed of the bike. There are three classes of e-bicycles, namely.
Class 1: The class 1 bicycle's speed is 20mph, and you must peddle to deliver power.
Class 2: The speed of class 2 electric bicycle is 20 mph. However, the bike has a button to enable you to propel forward without peddling.
Class 3: Class 3 e-bicycle’s speeds are higher than the first two. The speed is 28mph. Nevertheless, the class 3 bicycles are not used on bike paths.

2, Bicycle's weight

Most electric bikes weigh much more than traditional bikes due to the presence of a motor and battery. However, the e-bike weight also varies. A robust electric bicycle is heavier in weight.

3, Battery life on the e-bike

When choosing an e-bike, the battery life should be considered the most. Excellent battery life allows you to cycle for longer distances. Before buying the e-bike, enquire about the watt-hour. Watt-hour explains how many hours a bike can last on the road before the battery power is down. A bicycle with a more extended power range has larger batteries for sustenance.

4, E-bike's power

The power guides you on how to choose an electric bicycle. The power ranges between 250 to 750 watts. The most used e-bikes are the 250 watts because they are more affordable than the 750 watts bikes. In addition, the 250-power bikes deliver sufficient power for a flat surface and small hills. If your budget fits, the 750 watts e-bike ensures higher riding speed. You will acquire extra help from the 750 watts bike when riding on steep hills.

5, Serviceability

Every bike, whether conventional or electric, will be serviced from time to time. Serviceability helps on how to choose an electric bike. It is best to consider purchasing the electric bicycle from a known brand. Looking for spare parts for the bike will not stress you. Ensure a physical location where your electric bike can get repaired and maintained.

6, Electric bike add-ons

Every electric bike has several add-ons for easier use. They include:

Lighting- You can get bikes with lights or others that require adding one for easy vision at night.
Security- Most electric bicycles cost more; thus, most people can target to steal them. The bike should have a strong lock and GPRS tracking in case of anything.

How much should you spend on an electric bike?

Different electric bike brands have different prices. However, most of them range from $400 to $ 8,000. Some people recommend buying bikes above $1,000 because the cheap ones have reasons for the low costs. To get better and enhanced features, be ready to spend more. These factors will help determine your best choice for a good electric bike.

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