Velowave and Veefa Collaborate to Launch High-Quality, Affordable E-Bikes

Velowave and Veefa Collaborate to Launch High-Quality, Affordable E-Bikes

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between Velowave Bikes and our new brand, Veefa Bikes, uniting to make the e-bike experience accessible and affordable for everyone.

The Birth of Veefa Bikes

Originating from Velowave’s commitment to quality and innovation, Veefa Bikes has been created to address the need for more affordable e-biking options. Our mission is clear: deliver the same high standards of Velowave in more budget-friendly packages. Every Veefa bike, designed by a team of our expert engineers and designers, meets rigorous quality standards, ensuring that affordability doesn't compromise the quality.

Introducing Quality at an Unbeatable Price

Every model in the Veefa lineup is priced under $1000, making them perfect for riders looking for quality without a hefty price tag. Our collection includes Veefa’s very first folding bike, designed for ultimate convenience and portability. Whether you're commuting, traveling, or simply short on space, our folding e-bike offers a compact solution without sacrificing performance.

Customer Support You Can Trust

Velowave’s customer support extends to Veefa Bikes, ensuring that Veefa owners receive the same exceptional service and support as Velowave customers. Our collaborative customer service team is dedicated to providing guidance, maintenance tips, and any assistance you may need throughout your e-bike journey.

Join Us on This New Adventure

Explore the new Veefa lineup on our new brand’s website. Discover affordable options that don’t compromise on quality or performance, including our innovative folding bike. We are excited to bring you along on this journey, making the joy of e-biking accessible to even more riders.


This collaboration between Velowave and Veefa marks a significant step forward in making e-biking affordable and accessible to all. With all Veefa bikes priced under $1000 and featuring our first-ever folding model, we are excited to redefine what’s possible in the e-bike industry. Join us as we continue to innovate and push boundaries, ensuring that every ride is an adventure that’s within reach.

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