How to Measure the Size of Bike So You Won’t Waste the Money?

How to Measure the Size of Bike So You Won’t Waste the Money?


How to measure the size of the bike? As e-bikes get more and more popular, you may want to buy one for yourself. Measuring an e-bike before you buy one is very important, so you can find a bike that fits your body shape or height, and there is no pain when cycling.

First of all, you should know which part you will need to measure the size. If you are looking for a picture of an electric bike, you will need to pay attention to the below sizes, starting from the top tube, seat tube, reach and stack, wheelbase, and chain stay length.

And the following is also important if you are an advanced cycle lover, like the front center, seat tube, head tube angles, bottom bracket drop, and bottom bracket height. Now, let’s get them straight one by one!

How do measure the size of the bike correctly?

First, measure all the tube lengths. Does head tube size matter? Simply said, the head tube angle decides how much effort we need to put on the front wheel when we are cycling. As we know, the front wheel will be easier to turn as its angle increases.

If you look at the breakdown of an e-bike, it will usually include the actual top tube length. Before buying any e-bike, besides the top tube angle, you need to measure the top tube length horizontally to get specific data.

When it goes to the seat line length, you may not know where to start. The seat tube length, also known as the standover height, is the length from the rear of the handle to the height of the seat footrest, you will need to measure the length of a line segment like a letter L. If you prefer a more upright ride, you can consider an adjustable stem of this.

Then you may ask, what is the use of measuring this place? Of course, it is very useful, because this distance can fully determine your pedaling comfort and convenience. If your legs are shorter, you must not buy an electric bicycle with too long a seat tube length. Although the height of the seat may be adjusted, it is far from being the right size for this position.

For example, GRACE STEP THRU EBIKE features a seat tube angle 70°and head tube angle 67°while the stand-over height is 30.6'', thus enabling you to pedal or drive on the road smoothly and safely. You can cruise wildly with little power on the road! Enjoy yourself!

How to measure the size of the bike when it goes to the wheelbase? The wheelbase is from the front to the rear axles in an e-bike. When considering the ride quality of the frame and its size, you should check the wheelbase size carefully. And the size also determines how you can store your bike, on the wall or park on the mount.

What’s more, the angles of the seat tube and head tube are the two rocks in a bike system. We know that a more upright tube angle generally provides more agile handling. You must know the lowest saddle position when choosing a larger frame or considering a bike with a classic horizontal top tube. From this data, you know if you can make a sharper turn effortlessly on the road.

Seat posts are available in several lengths from 28cm to 40cm, so you will need to measure the number of posts you have showing. The seat post should end at least 2.5cm below the lower part of the horizontal tube weld to the seat tube and at least 9cm inserted from the top end of the seat tube.

From the above, we have given you different examples of how to measure the size of the bike you need. But to someone new to this, he or she will find it a headache to measure so many things. You can check the website from our VELOWAVE Electric Bike, every product features are clear and with pictures shown on it. Every size you need to know shows clearly on the bottom part including every tube, bases, reach, chains, etc with recommended cyclist height. You can choose and compare with ease!



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  • I walk 9 miles 5 days a week. Looking for a bike to add to my workout schedule. I live in the city but have access to a bike path. Need a bike that is durable and will help supplement my training schedule.

    - Frederick E Burwell Jr

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