What Is a Moped Style Electric Bike and How to Choose One?

What Is a Moped Style Electric Bike and How to Choose One?

What Is a Moped Style Electric Bike and How to Choose One?

Do you want to buy a moped-style electric bike? Do you like riding electric bikes? If you do, you're so trendy! The distinction between e-bikes, mopeds, scooters, e-scooters, and motorcycles is often confusing. These are all two-wheeled vehicles but vary widely in legal requirements, benefits, and riding styles. E-bikes come with pedals that allow you to exercise your leg muscles a little bit as a bike does.

A moped that replaces the gas engine with an electric motor and battery. Required insurance, licenses, and registrations may vary by state and by town. Moped-style electric bikes are now becoming more and more popular in the market. The advantages of e-bikes over motorcycles are similar to mopeds. Electric bikes can make it easy for riders to exercise and improve their health, if you want to buy an e-bike, we are here to give you some advice!

How to choose a moped-style electric bike?

Believe that many people will study some strategies when purchasing an electric vehicle, such as saving money and avoiding pits. It seems that there are pits and misunderstandings everywhere. Avoiding pits is a trivial matter. The main purpose of buying an e-bike is to meet your actual needs. Starting from your own actual needs, you can choose the electric vehicle that suits you.

First of all, before buying, you can think about what your real needs are. Most people's current needs for electric vehicles can be divided into three categories: carry, power, and battery life. For example, you can check the laws and regulations of different states.

Some states require that e-bikes are not allowed to be ridden or carry a passenger for those under the age of 14, and some states directly stipulate that electric mopeds are not allowed to carry people, etc. You can start and then choose an electric motorcycle or an electric bicycle according to your actual needs.

The second is power requirements. For example, if you usually only need to use an electric bicycle to commute to get off work, and the requirements for its motor are not met, it is only necessary for short-distance travel, so there is no need to buy a very expensive and powerful electric bicycle.

Under normal circumstances, the higher the power of the motor mounted on the vehicle, the greater the current output of the controller, and the stronger the power. Therefore, if you have the riding needs of outdoor rough roads such as heavy loads and climbing, you can choose a model with a high-power motor.

Then there's the battery. If you have a long commute or don't want to charge frequently, opting for a high-capacity battery is the only option. In terms of parameters, the bigger the better, for example, the battery life of 48V 24Ah is longer than that of 48V12Ah.

Generally, the battery of e-bikes will be below 48V 24Ah, and the battery capacity of electric light motorcycles and electric motorcycles will be around 72V 22Ah. For example, any moped style electric bike of Velowave can charge 60% of the electricity in only 4 hours, which can satisfy the work travel.

Many people may wonder: why should I consider all these facts? This is mainly aimed at two points: driver's license and charging environment. According to what has just been mentioned, each state and city will continue to regulate the range, speed, and equipment of electric bicycles, so it is best to buy them in combination with the current conditions to reduce unnecessary subsequent expenditures. In terms of charging conditions, the Velowave's battery is detachable, and you can charge it on the road, in the office, or at home, which is more convenient in terms of battery life.

The main difference in the performance of an electric vehicle is the battery, charger, motor, and controller. The capacity of the battery is related to the cruising range of the electric vehicle, and the service life of the battery determines the driving cost of the electric vehicle. So you must consider the above points before buying an electric bike. Remember safety first.

Last but not least, service guarantee also matters. The quality of pre-sales and after-sales service also represents the strength and quality of a brand. If you buy a non-brand electric vehicle, if there is any problem with the subsequent electric vehicle, it is difficult to find after-sales service.

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