What Are Various Ways on How to Lock Up an Ebike?

What Are Various Ways on How to Lock Up an Ebike?
What are Various Ways on How to Lock Up an Ebike?


What are ways how to lock up ebike? Locking up your electric bike seems to be tricky, especially if you are not used to doing it. The following are a few pointers to help you how to lock an ebike up. These are mainly for when you don't want people riding your bike or if you want to save it from theft. This is not for locking your bike up for storage at home or in a shed or garage, and this is for leaving it unattended.

Tips on how to lock up ebike

1, Put your bike in the front hallway when you leave it:

When you are leaving the house, alone or with your family, it is best to put your ebike in the hallway beside the front door. This is because a thief or vandal will most likely break down that door and go inside where there is no other way out except through the front door. This way, once they break through or cut the lock on your bike, they will be trapped inside on a locked-up bike which is not very easy to get off from a locked-up bike. The only way for them to escape would be by going out through the front door and then breaking into somebody's house, getting into a car, or stealing another ebike.

2, Lock up with a chain:

Although this would be effective, it is usually not recommended. Since the chain that you are using will most likely wear out and break after a short period. The other downside to using a bike lock with a chain is that if the lock does get cut, as aforementioned earlier, you will have no way of getting your bicycle off the bike rack. You can use locks that come with a cable, like Lock.

3, Use cable locks:

If you want to lock up your ebike and you are going on a trip where you want to leave it unattended, then it is best to use cable locks. This way all you need is a small hook with a hook lock, and clip it onto the bike rack by the pedal area. The next thing is to put all your riding gear in the trunk and take them with you on your trip. Afterward, the only thing left on your ebike would be a bolt connecting the bike rack and the body of the bike itself. After taking off from your destination, simply unhook your bike from its bike rack and bring it back to its rightful place at home.

4, Use a personal alarm:

Personal alarms are great when you have an ebike and don't have time to lock it up, but they must be used properly to be effective. To use these alarms, simply attach them to your ebike and you are done! The alarm will go off if anyone cuts the lock or tries to steal it. The one thing you will have to do is protect yourself from any physical damage since you are far away. You can also carry a small alarm on your keychain if you want to be close by in case something happens, but make sure that it is small and not very loud so that other people around don't get disturbed by it.

5, Use a GPS tracker:

Another option on how to lock up ebike would be a GPS tracker. This way you can track the location of your bike at all times, no matter where it may be. The good thing about this is it lets you know where your ebike is at all times and you can also track the location at night time. This can also help track down the thief if they are not as smart as they used to be.

6, Use a shackle lock:

A shackle lock with one bike lock would be very useful for traveling with your ebike. This is because it would allow only one person to use the bike at a time, so the burglary or theft will most likely not happen. 


These are ways on how to lock up ebike but these are not all the possible methods. These are just simple and they will be effective toward protecting your ebike from theft. There is also other ways to lock up your ebike and the best thing is that you can use whichever one you think works the best for you.


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