How to choose the best ebike for you?

How to choose the best ebike for you?

Still searching hard to find the right ebike? You're the one who knows what's best for you. Ask yourself two questions first!

1. What is your purpose for cycling (most commonly used for)?

  • Daily commuting: Mainly using an ebike to commute to work, school, or home. Essentially, all Velowave models are suitable for commuting. Please proceed to question
  • Hangout: Taking your bike on rides, going fishing, coastal cycling... doing anything for fun. Fortunately, all types of Velowave ebikes can meet your recreational needs.
  • Carrying people or objects: Currently, we do not offer cargo ebikes. However, the Ranger Step-Thru and Prado S Commuter Ebike allow people to sit on the back of the bike and you can also install a storage bag to carry objects.

2. Where will you ride your ebike?

  • In the city

Prado S Commuter Ebike is the right choice for you! The relatively small body makes it easier to maneuver and enables it to move freely around the city. Equipped with a storage bag to easily carry your daily groceries. Compare to other models, prado has a wider saddle, which means it's much comfortable to sit on. It may look small, but it's powerful.

  • On the highway

Rover Step-Thru Ebike is the perfect one. While all types of Velowave ebikes can be ridden on the highway, the Rover Step-Thru earns a recommendation for its excellent range. With over 50 miles per charge, your ride will be easy and free from range anxiety.

  • Outdoors

Ranger Step-Thru/Ranger Fat Tire/Pony Step-Thru are all great!

Those three ebikes all equipped with Fat Tires, Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Hydraulic Suspension Fork, making them suitable for various terrains and ensuring a stable ride.

They have different styles and highlights:

Ranger Step-Thru is Step-Through Ebike, which is very convenient, can easily get on and off, and the upright position allows for a comfortable ride. You can wear skirts, dress, formal attire... whatever you like to ride the bike.

Pony Step-Thru as its name, it's a step-through ebike. It offers all the advantages of a step-through bike design. With its smaller body and tires (Kenda 20"*4.0"), it is highly suitable for individuals who may not have a taller stature. It's small, but it's a performance beast.

Ranger Fat Tire is Step Over Ebike, this kind of bikes have good durability with the stronger frame geometry. The bent-over position while riding allows for greater maneuverability and speed.

  • Mountain

Ghost is specially designed for mountain cycling. Its slim body makes it very convenient and easy to move around. Relatively narrow tires for driving in mountainous areas with complex terrain and narrow trails. And of course, Hydraulic Suspension Fork to suit different road conditions.

All in all

We have manufactured a variety of high-quality ebikes tailored to different lifestyle scenarios and purposes. Have you found the most suitable ebike for yourself?

Velowave is committed to producing excellent quality ebikes that bring more comfort and enjoyment to your life. If you have any specific requirements, please leave a comment and let us know.


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