Can You Put a Child on Ebike with Kid Seat?

Can You Put a Child on Ebike with Kid Seat?


There are more and more good reasons to transport a child on an ebike with a kid’s seat. The use of an ebike is becoming more popular, and transporting children on a bicycle follows the same development. However, there are some concepts to be aware of and rules to follow to get the best out of your trip. Especially when using an electric bike.

There is nothing complicated in the design of an e-bike with a kid seat, it includes a removable seat that can be mounted most often on the back or front of the bike. The seat can be easily changed depending on the child's size.

1, Ways to install a kid seat on a bike

Modern technologies allow you various options for attaching the seat to the bike in the back, in front, or even in the center, or it is possible to use an additional stroller attached to the bike as a third wheel. Now everything is possible.

2, Child seat for the front of the bike

It is most suitable for transporting little children, usually under 3 years of age. Since their weight does not exceed 10-12 kg, respectively, there will be no excessive load on the front structure of the bike. But it is not recommended to put older children there, as steering will be difficult, which will entail an increase in risks. 

3, Child seat for the back of the bike

The seat meets the same standards as the front seat, it has an adjustable backrest, footrest, and safe belts that meet the requirements of your child's safety and comfortable ride. The only difference is that it is designed for the greater weight of your child, usually, manufacturers indicate up to 22 kg.

However, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of the location of the battery on the bike, as sometimes this can become an obstacle to installing a seat on the back of the bike, so always consult with experts and carefully select a bike for your needs.

4, Rules for riding a bike with a kid in a child seat

We move at a higher speed using an electric bike than on a conventional bike. Therefore, choosing an ebike with a kid e-bike that covers the child sufficiently is necessary. Similarly, straps attached to the seat shell become indispensable for young children. 

From a safety point of view, we recommend using a double-center stand for your e-bike. This will ensure that your bike is stable enough to safely put your child in the seat. Also, to ensure your safety, invest in a high-visibility child seat, which will make you visible from afar. Otherwise, reflective signs will be needed, and don't forget to wear helmets, especially for a child.

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