What Size Inner Tube for Bicycle and How to Choose One?

What Size Inner Tube for Bicycle and How to Choose One?


What Size Inner Tube for Bicycle and How to Choose One?


What size inner tube for bicycle is a very often asked question by people who are new to cycling and want to know about road bike tubes. It is necessary for every cyclist to know how to change a flat tubeless tire of the bike. It will be a great help for them in many ways like preventing punctures, maintaining the tire's pressure, and improving your riding experience.

Tips to buy an inner tube for bicycle

1. Selecting the appropriate size of inner tube for bicycle

This is the first possible step you can take to buy a new inner tube. It is equally important because it can help to prevent you from buying the wrong size inner tube for your bike. The size of the new inner tube you need is determined by your bike's tire. It indicates the size of the tire and you should choose an inner tube of the same size as your tires.

So if you have a 26-inch wheel and use an inner tube with a 23mm diameter, then it means that it will not fit your bike because your bike's tires are bigger than the circumference of the 23mm inner tube. In this case, you just need to get a new tire or you can get a matching one as well but then its price would be higher than buying two separate tubes.

2, Tubes with multiple layers of fabric

It is better to go for tubes that are made up of multiple layers of fabric. They are more durable and last longer than the ones which have just one layer. The ones that have two or three layers are best for use, but if you buy the cheap one, then it is better to have at least one layer of the tube, or else it will tear easily. You can even try buying from trusted brands like Specialized, Continental, Vittoria, Michelin, and Kenda. this explains the question, what size inner tube for the bicycle?

3, Tubes with extra-thick rubber

If you want to go for cheap tubes, then be sure that it has thick rubber and is very elastic so that they can resist any punctures and hold the pressure of your bike tire longer than the regular ones. It has many benefits which include holding the water in so that it can act as an isolating element. So on a wet day, your tire will stay without any leakage and this will be a great advantage for you to enjoy riding even during the rainy season.

4, Tubes with wide valve holes

An inner tube that has large valve holes has more chance of holding air pressure than ordinary tubes even when they are not inflated. The reason is that it can absorb more air than other tubes and thus keep better pressure in your tire. This will give you a long-lasting ride and it will be a good choice if you are planning to use it for a long distance.

5, Tubes with thick walls

You should choose the inner tubes that have thicker walls. This is because they can hold the air pressure inside much better than the ones which are thinner. They are also very durable and last for a longer period of time before needing to be replaced. This is one of the major factors that make all bikes more expensive compared to their counterparts with cheaper ones. By going for those, they will not bust easily even when they hit bumps or potholes and this is quite important especially if you are on a trip, where punctures are common occurrences.

6, Extra tape

Some tubes come with an extra length of tape that can be used to tie up the valve stem at the end of your tubes. If you are traveling a long distance and do not want to wear out your tubes, then this is a great option for you. You should consider buying this even if it looks expensive compared to other similar products because it will last longer.

7, Tubes with round valves

The round valves are one of the features that make these tubes very suitable for road bike tires and also for mountain bicycle tires. They give support to the tires and prevent them from falling off. You should go for the ones that have a thicker valve area to avoid having them blown off by the wind.

In conclusion

What size inner tube for a bicycle, as well as its importance to every cyclist, has been discussed in brief. It is advisable that you should know about all these tips and important things when buying a new inner tube for your bike.

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