What Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Mountain Bike?

What Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Mountain Bike?
VELOWAVE RANGER FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike

What should you consider before buying an electric mountain bike?

On your Sunday ride, e-bikes will help you climb hills, allow you to travel for more extended periods, and will enable you to rocket past other cyclists. Furthermore, they are expanding the number of bicycles on our roadways by introducing riding to various age groups and demographics. They're also enjoyable. 

E-bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There's something for everyone, from folding bikes to full-on enduro mountain bikes. Similar to regular bicycles, there are options for practically any riding style. Manufacturers are constantly developing lighter, longer-lasting batteries with a higher range. The cost of living has also decreased.

There are several factors to consider before buying a mountain e-bike. What are those factors? Let's get to it!

What do you want the bike for?

First and foremost, think about where and when you'll ride your electric bike. Do you, for example, live in a city where stair climbing and other fundamental commuting requirements are necessary daily? Perhaps you live in a more remote area and wish to go off-road?

E-bikes are ideal for carrying heavier weights for commuting or shopping because the motor aid in tugging you up steep hills. Many of them feature standard pannier bag rack mounts. If you need to transport additional people, such as your children, a cargo e-bike is a viable option.

You can choose from five distinct e-bike categories once you've assessed your needs:

  • Road-ready e-bikes
  • Electric mountain bikes
  • Electric hybrid bikes
  • Folding electric bikes
  • Bikes with electric luggage

Both e-road and e-mountain bikes are designed for speed. Both are designed for speed and are capable of long journeys. As a result, their rack options are limited, and they may find commuting less pleasant. 

Hybrids are an excellent choice for city riding. They provide a comfortable upright riding position and plenty of commuting features. Popular bike brands like Velowave offer a range of e-bikes with multiple functions. 

Velowave gives you a wide range of designs in their electric bike category. However, for mountain bikes, the best option for you would be the VELOWAVE RANGER FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike.

VELOWAVE RANGER FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Battery Power and Size

Different e-bikes utilize different types of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The technology is similar to that used in electric vehicles. They charge rapidly and are little in weight overall.

The battery may be mounted in a variety of places on the bike. The battery is often connected to the down tube, making it easy to reach and remove. As seen on some early Lime rental bikes, it's occasionally put on top of a rear rack. 

The battery is incorporated into the downtube near the bottom bracket in more expensive bikes or occasionally inside the seat post. This produces a cleaner finish, but it has a cost.

The general rule is to obtain the most prominent and highest-quality battery that your budget allows for battery size. The capacity will be expressed in Watt-hours (wh), essential for determining your electric bike's range.

The motor and batteries that power an electric mountain bike are the key differences between it and a regular mountain bike. The majority of electric mountain bikes are mid-engined,' which means the motor is located around the bottom bracket of the bike, providing the best handling and smoothest riding. 

Among such e-bikes, VELOWAVE RANGER FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike has provided its customers with the ideal battery size and power. It gives you a 48V/15AH LG lithium battery, providing an extended ride time, with a distinguishing 750W BAFANG geared motor and maximum torque of 80NM.  

Battery Time (Range) 

If you start with a fully charged battery, your battery is unlikely to run out on a regular trip. It is crucial to set your e-'range,' bike, or the total distance you can travel before running out of energy.

The higher your range, the less you charge your battery. In this case, watt hours (wh) are utilized. If you have a 300w motor and a 300wh battery, it will run out in an hour if you run it at full power (on paper, at least).

In practice, there are many more factors. To begin with, the battery will never be completely charged at all times. It is more likely that you will switch modes. Some will have environmental features like longer battery life.

The battery's range is also affected by the rider's weight, geography, and weather. Here's a handy calculator from Bosch for estimating range.

The removable lithium battery in the Velowave mountain bike gives you a 48V/15AH lithium battery, which provides you with an average range of 20-40 miles and more. You can forget about charging it again or your e-bike running out of charge with one order. Thus, once you're out and about with the Velowave bike, you'd only have to charge it once you're home. 

Weight of E-bike

To further comprehend the influence of weight, consider the intended use of your e-bike and your riding style. Some people might think that weight isn't that important. However, it plays a massive role in the selection of your bike.

You'll probably want a lighter bike if you're a road rider who prefers to ride in groups. Regardless of the added motor assistance, the bike's weight will impact its performance and handling. Plus, you won't be weighed down if you opt to tackle some hills without the motor.

The weight of the e-bike will have a more significant influence while you are not riding it. If you have to take your bike up flights of stairs, on and off packed trains, or even into a car rack daily, the extra weight will be tough to manage.

In recent years, e-bike technology has evolved dramatically, and they are no longer as heavy as they previously were. Visiting your local bike shop to get a feel for the bike and determine how light you want it to be is always a brilliant idea.

Velowave has outdone themselves with their extremely featherweight bike that weighs only 75lbs. This bike is made up of Aluminum, which makes the bike sturdy and strong on the road but is easier to carry. 

The bike is capable of bearing almost 300lbs of weight. Thus, the ideal lightweight design and heavy-weight payload make Velowave a perfect choice for you. 


Price is also one of the most critical factors that help people determine their choice in mountain biking. With so much competition in the market, you'll find yourself surrounded by so many options; thus, what helps people opt for a special price?

There is a range of e-bikes that are indeed expensive, yet there is a tethering situation for such companies to provide features and price-competitive advantage to the customers. Therefore, you'll have a pretty good advantage in terms of price. 

E-bikes are no longer regarded as luxury items because they have become less costly. If you want an entry-level commuting bike, you can now get a hybrid electric bike for about $1000. While this may appear to be a large number, the availability of e-bikes through the cycle-to-work programs makes it more manageable.

Finally, the price will be determined by how frequently you want to ride the bike and your budget. High-end road and mountain bike models will likely incorporate carbon fiber and other high-end materials. These may be lighter and perform better, but they will cost significantly more.

To Sum it Up

The factors mentioned above will significantly help you select an ideal bike based on your choice and preference. All these factors are based upon the essential nature of each person's personal preference for an e-bike.  

You can check out a wide range of bikes offered by Velowave. Velowave provides you with a wide range of multi-purpose bikes, including the ones you can take on mountain trekking and for urban purposes. 

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