Riding Electric Bikes with Kids? A Must-See Safety Guide

Riding Electric Bikes with Kids? A Must-See Safety Guide

Riding Electric Bikes with Kids? A Must-See Safety Guide

e-Bike riding provides tons of benefits whether it’s related to promoting your health or saving your bucks. Get ready to take your children with you to enjoy bicycle riding. Just a few considerations to follow and you’re all set. Let’s take a closer look at what needs to be done before or during e-Bike riding to ensure safe commuting.

Things to consider before an e-Bike ride:

1. Consider your child’s age and weight

Babies with ages less than 1 year generally should not be riding on e-Bikes. Their delicate neck may not be strong enough to provide a good hold on their heads. e-Bikes have weight limits so only children that are between 1 to 4 years of age are generally permitted to ride. Make sure the combined weight must not exceed the total weight limit. See if your local jurisdiction has some special rules regarding the age and weight of a child.

2. Practice e-Bike riding with an extra weight

You may not be trained to ride an e-Bike with a child. It takes practice to maintain balance along with the added weight. Before mounting your kid, try simulating something similar in weight to your kid on the bike and go on a ride. Practice in a safe place and once you feel confident, you are all set to take your kids for commuting.

3. Wear Helmets

The head of a child is way more prone to damage than an adult in case of any mishap. You should make sure that you and your kid wear a helmet during the ride, because of Safety First! Children want to get rid of the helmet as early as possible but you must use the rule ‘No Helmet, No Bike’. You should wear a helmet to set an example for your kids. It is important to purchase a helmet that snugly fits your kid’s head properly. It must be lightweight and filled with a ventilated filler.

4. Right Dressing

You and your kids must not wear loose clothing items that have a high chance to get caught in the moving parts of your e-Bike. Make sure the clothes, any bag pack straps, and even the shoelaces are tucked in properly before riding. You may need to arrange extra layers according to the weather conditions.

5. Set Comfortable Seats

While preparing your e-Bike for kids, choose a comfortable seat that will fit the rack well. Seats can be fitted on the front as well as on the back. You just need to purchase a seat with the size according to your kid.

6. Added Seat Safety

For the front, you can also add hold-on bars for increased safety. Keep your rear kid secure by fitting a de facto kid cage (monkey bar) in place of the seat.

7. Secure kids’ Feet

Kids are not much aware of keeping their feet away from the tire during the ride. Those tiny little feet of your front kid kicking you every single time when you’re pedaling can be very dangerous. Use the front footrest for safe commuting. Also, the kids won’t feel much comfortable with their dangling feet in the back. Use running boards for this purpose. The protective shielding will avoid the leg rubbing against the tire or chain which otherwise may cause severe abrasion or burning.

8. Keep them protected

You can fit a small windscreen for your front kid to save him from rain, dust, or bug. It is tiring for a kid to maintain proper balance all the time during e-Bike riding. They can be fairly affected by a thrust of wind or storm and lose their balance. Prefer to use Storm Shields in such weather conditions.

9. e-Bike Checks

Your e-Bike must be in good running condition all the time. Make sure your tires are inflated, your chain is running smoothly, and your brake is working properly. Always make sure that the children accessories fit tightly before starting to commute.

Carry essentials

While riding with your kids, there are a few essentials you’ll need to carry like a water bottle, snacks, hats, sunscreen, umbrella, or raincoats for an emergency. The easy configuration of the RANGER/ROVER and PRADO S made our e-Bikes perfectly fit to meet your expectations. You are free to configure front or rear baskets of your choice on VELOWAVE e-Bikes.

Things to consider during e-Bike ride

1. Chat intermittently

Kids must be feeling comfortable during the ride. Ask them about their comfort after short intervals again and again. Listen to them if they are complaining about something they are bothered with.

2. Attention to traffic

Every rider should pay attention to the traffic on the road, but it’s even more critical if you are having kids with you on your e-Bike. Always try to understand the perspective of other drivers and how they expect a bicycle to ride on the road. This way you can avoid potential crashes.

3. Slow down your speed

Ride slowly when having kids on your e-Bike. Make sure your speed must not exceed 20 mph with traffic around. Drivers on the road are not expecting a higher speed of a bicycle. Fast riding may result in unwanted consequences.

4. Hands-on brake

Sudden brakes can shake the balance of kids on the electric bicycle. Drive carefully with your hands on the brake all the time. The hydraulic discs brake system of VELOWAVE e-Bikes gives you better control over your ride. The throttle system adds power to your pedal stroke resulting in a lot more speed. That means you’ll need to press the brakes well ahead of zebra crossing or stop signs.

Final Take

It’s great fun to ride an electric bicycle with your kids. Yes, kids indeed need extra accessories for safe commuting, and not every e-Bike can accommodate these accessories. VELOWAVE is presenting you with such e-Bikes that can fit all the accessories you’d like to add on. You can rely on VELOWAVE e-Bikes for the complete safety of your children. Take your kid and enjoy some fun time together on your e-Bike.


  • Hello, sorry we are not selling this product for the time being, we have plans to launch related products one after another.

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  • Do any of your bikes allow for Child Seats? can you mount one to the Velowave Prado S 750? Or the LIGHT WEIGHT GHOST 500 or RANGER FAT TIRE EBIKE

    - Max

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