Factors that Determine the How Long Does an Ebike Battery Last

Factors that Determine the How Long Does an Ebike Battery Last


Factors That Determine The How Long Does An Ebike Battery Last

How long an ebike battery last depends on a number of different factors. The size and quality of the battery, how often it is used, and if you charge it properly differ from one bike to another. To get the most use out of your battery, you must store it properly when not in use. Lithium-ion batteries can be stored in a cool area at less than 20% charged (a range between 4-8 volts) for up to five years without deterioration of power or life span.

Factors that determine the how long does an ebike battery last

1, Battery size

The bigger the battery, the longer it lasts. Most batteries are 25 inches long and between 4 lbs. and 7 lbs. Lead-acid batteries can be very heavy and hard to carry around if they are not mounted to your electric bike. The weight of the battery will also have an impact on your ebike performance and acceleration.

2, Usage time

The higher the charge, the longer the battery life. The average ebike battery charges 85%, which has been proven to last longer than fully charged batteries in many cases. If you use your ebike very often, or for several hours every day, you'll want a big battery that can handle it all. On the other hand, if you don't ride every day and don't use it at all (or only occasionally) less power would save money and make your bike last longer as well as not being so heavy.

3, Charging time

Lithium-ion batteries are much better than lead-acid batteries in this area. A lithium-ion battery will last longer if it's charged to only 80% of its full capacity instead of 100%. Lead-acid batteries overcharge very easily, which shortens their lifespan dramatically. If you're going to charge your ebike at home, make sure you use a smart charger. If it's not going to be used for several weeks or months, store it in a dry and cool place and use a battery tender or trickle charger.

4, Charging frequency

The faster the charge, the longer it lasts. However, if the battery is only charged every few days, it won't have time to fully charge and might still have some residual energy left in it. Also, if you're going to ride for multiple hours a day (or in some cases continuously for days), all the energy needed for the ride will be drawn from the battery fast. Batteries do not balance themselves because they use a fixed number of electrons and need time to discharge slowly.

5, Do not freeze or store at cold temperature

Lithium-ion batteries are more durable than lead-acid ones but they can get damaged if exposed to extreme cold (for example - frozen). The best practice is to store your electric bike in a dry place and make sure it's kept at a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Do not leave the bike in the cold outside, and do not use it until the battery is fully charged.

6, Do not drop or expose to vibration

Since lithium-ion batteries are lighter than lead-acid ones, they are more susceptible to damage if not kept in a protective case. Make sure you handle them carefully and never drop them. They are also more sensitive to vibrations, so it's best if you don't carry them on your back or in some place where there is a lot of shaking.

7, Keep out of reach of children and pets

If you have kids or pets, make sure they can't get at your battery as it can be toxic or explode if swallowed or exposed to high temperatures (in most cases) from the exhaust.

8, Be careful where you mount it

Batteries are heavy and can't be carried around easily, so make sure you mount it somewhere safe, especially if it's on your bike. For example - on the handlebars or under the seat can cause serious injury to anyone riding on it. Also, make sure you don't place yourself in a dangerous situation by leaving your ebike unattended or right next to public roads with high traffic (accidents have happened every day).

In conclusion, how long does an ebike battery last depends very much on how you use it, so we recommend you to read our ebike buying guide to learn more about important factors that will greatly affect the life expectancy of your electric bike.

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