Read This Guide to Know the Right Electric Bike Speed for You!

Read This Guide to Know the Right Electric Bike Speed for You!


Electric bike speed is one of the essential attributes of modern ebikes and must be first on the checklist when buying a new one. If you are thinking about the question, "what is the top speed of an electric bike" like most first-time buyers, you come to the right place. 

Whether you are interested in learning about the top speed of electric bikes or just average electric bike speed, we have you covered in this article. To keep things simple, we will take American-regulated standards for the ebikes as standard, which are almost similar to other regions in terms of the electric bike speed. Grab your notebook and pen. It's time to take some notes. 

Everything about Electric Bike Max Speed

We first straight off attempt to answer the two questions: how do the three class 1, 2 and 3 ebikes stack to each other in terms of speed and which one to buy? The first one goes up to twenty miles per hour but turns off when it hits this threshold. When comparing class 1 vs class 2 ebikes, the significant difference is the placement of a throttle system and paddle support up to twenty miles per hour. The third one is the fastest and goes up to twenty-eight miles per hour, but like class 1, it turns off at its threshold speed. So, in short, Class1<Class2<Class3 in terms of speed. The higher the number, the more speed.

We recommended skipping to class 1 and class 3 since class 2 ebikes usually come out of the law brackets of certain states. If you are really into the throttle system but want to be within safe speed limits, check out Ranger Fat Tire Bike. It gets a thumb-throttle functionality but a speed cap of 25km/h with fat tires. You can also get a commuter with throttling in the super sleek Prado S Commuter ebike

Speeds and Wattage of ebikes

If you are looking for specs, then here is a quick comparison of speed in terms of Wattage and speeds of ebikes: 

250 Watts electric bike top speed: 

Most typical type of power for ebikes comes from a 24-volt battery capable of pushing speed to 20-25 mph. It is a standard specification for a flat cruising ebike.

500 Watts electric bike top speed: 

They come with a 36-volt battery capable of delivering 15 amps with top speeds of 28 mph if not capped.

1000 Watts electric bike top speed:

For those looking for offroad riding can get rates up to 32 mph. 

2000 Watts electric bike top speed:  

Reaching up to 38-43mph, these bikes are for extreme offroad action and are not very common. (The last two categories are mostly not allowed in certain states, and their speed will be capped before selling. Make sure to check the bike and your local laws before purchasing one)

This is the breakdown of the top speed of electric bikes and their most common targeted uses. Whichever you go for, check the regulations if you end up selecting class 2 bikes. Otherwise, depending on your preferences, you can go with the rest. If you are looking for the best all-rounder, check out Pony Step Thru Ebike. It has a top speed capped at 25km/hour and a beautiful 6061 aluminum frame. 

How to remove speed limiter on electric bike?

Your ebike is mostly likely packing a speed limiter that keeps its motor speed at the allowed and regulated speeds on the road. If you want to unlock your bike's full power, the only way is to bypass the speed limiter and some other tricks. If you are ready to be adventurous, then follow these electric bike speed limiter removal tips:
1, Remove the ebike limiting wire, which is usually found on the controller. This is the simplest method.
2, Modify the sensor monitors placed at the base of the bike's frame. This is done by relocating the magnet away from the wheel, resulting in a lower turn count of wheels; hence, the speed is maximized.
3, Tuning kits that can be installed with the controllers and add the speed boost you may be looking for.

What about Single Speed Electric Bike?

As the name suggests, a single speed electric bike is tuned to one speed. They are also often true to mentioned electric bike range and speed by OEM in real life. They usually come with smaller wheels which give them more grip as well. If you are looking for something cozy and don't mind a lot of speed, this might be for you. Not to mention, the speed is pretty good and approach near the class 1 ebike speeds of 15-20mph, which are more than acceptable for short commutes.

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