How to Ride Safely

How to Ride Safely

How to Ride Safely

VELOWAVE RANGER FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Know the Road

Many advocacy groups believe better infrastructure is the first line of defense in reducing motor vehicle crashes involving "vulnerable road users," such as pedestrians and cyclists. 

According to Allison Dewey, the League of American Bicyclists' education director, this includes roadways designed for bikes that "don't have two tonnes of steel around them or airbags that inflate following an accident." 

During the outbreak, some 200 U.S. municipalities implemented changes to enhance the operation of their streets and better accommodate greater outdoor activity, including bike lanes.

Prefer Traffic-Free Roads

If your city isn't one of them, you may still lower your risk by avoiding peak hours and being cautious at intersections, where 27 percent of bike accidents occur. You might want to stick to daytime rides because 50 percent of crash deaths occur in the dark or overnight.

Arleigh Greenwald, a former bike store owner, and avid rider, says, "It's always safer to ride where you don't drive." She recommends bicycling on paths specifically designed for cyclists and not accessible to autos whenever possible. If you must go through busy areas, use routes with wider shoulders or many stop signs.

Invest in Reliable Safety Gear

It's also crucial to dress appropriately. Even in the daytime, cyclists should try to be as apparent to cars as possible by wearing brightly colored clothes, reflecting, and using bike lights. A helmet, particularly a crash-tested one, is required. 

"Technology is advancing at a quick pace, and now you'll see a lot of helmets with these tiny yellow labels that say 'Mips,'" says Barry Miller of the Virginia Tech Biomechanics Helmet Lab, which specializes in impact testing. 

He adds that the letters stand for "multidirectional impact protection system," which allows the helmet to spin while the head inside remains still, reducing rotational head impact. It's also crucial to make sure your helmet fits properly. "Cyclists should put the helmet's rim one to two fingers above their browline, and tighten it to reduce helmet movement," according to Virginia Tech's helmet ratings guide.

It's like how people invest in specific types of cars, like airbags, to avoid fatal injuries during an accident; the same goes for bikes. There are plenty of components that you should consider when buying the right bike for you.

Since the traffic won't decrease anytime soon, it's best to invest in a bike that helps you keep safe. The accident discussed above can highlight how important heightened bikes are in current traffic incidents. 

Firstly, have a bicycle technician check your bike at least every six months for safety and performance, much like autos receive tune-ups and oil changes. For rider safety and performance, equipment must be properly fitted, installed, reliable, and maintained. 

Cleaning, adjusting, and lubricating equipment is required. When safety is the priority, lightweight or aerodynamic equipment should be avoided. All motorcyclists should learn how to do basic maintenance. You must inspect your bike and be confident in its safety regardless of who works on it.

When riding in traffic to check on automobiles and when racing to check on other racers, it's necessary to look behind. Beginning riders may find riding in a straight path challenging while keeping a steady speed and glancing behind.

When beginners look over their left shoulder, they tend to err to the left. When looking back over the shoulder, it's natural to shift weight to the turned side or turn the upper body and, therefore, the handlebars. This isn't only a backward-looking drill; it's also a straight-riding and proximity drill. Use a hand on a rider alongside you to practice glancing back. This aids in maintaining a straight path when cycling.

Finally, both brakes should be applied at the same time. When stopping in an emergency, you use extra power on the front brake while keeping the rear brake on normal. Find out what happens if you apply both brakes at the same time. 

It's possible that when the back wheel slips, the rear brake is locked, and you need to release it. However, because too much weight is transferred forward—the rear tire is unweighted—the rear wheel frequently slips, and you must loosen up on the front brake.

Maybe a Tall Bike is a Better Fit

Velowave Ranger e-bike customer shared a story. He said that "I was going southbound on West End stopped at the red light, and a north bound car ran the red light and collided with the west bound Toyota 4 Runner which then hit me. I hit the windshield and my left hand went through the windshield and then I was thrown about 30 feet from the vehicle." 

"I think the height of the bike is the only reason I’m alive right now."

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that a tall bike might be safer in some cases.



Velowave Bikes

Considering the safety tips described above, it is important to consider reliable and safe bikes, which will help you in such critical times. 

Velowave gives you a list of e-bikes to select from. These bikes are battery operated and give users a very hefty power which helps them to go places. These bikes are efficient for urban use as well as mountain biking as well.

Why do we recommend Velowave Bikes? Firstly, Velowave is a trusted bike brand that uses safe and reliable materials for manufacturing its bikes. Also, they ensure that the bike being produced is safe. 

The bike is passed through several testing phases before making it public. Although you might not see a variety of bikes, you will find quality because Velowave considers its riders as family, and they take care of family!

Another important feature is that these bikes are tall. This is important since riders can control how they ride but cannot control the traffic. The best possible way is to get bikes that are tall. 

The tall bikes will help you keep safe upon collision, ensuring that you're protected using the necessary safety gear. Also, this allows these mountain bikes to have a relatively low body mass, making them amazing mountain climbers. 


A Safety Companion for your Journey

For example, the RANGER Fat Tire Electric Bike, and the GHOST Electric Mountain Bike. The 27" tires make them more appropriate for taller riders. Thanks to the strong motor and the excellent Shimano 7-speed transmission, you can easily reach speeds of up to 28 MPH. 

The LCD lets you easily control the pace, distance, power, and other parameters at night. Safety washers are incorporated in the adjustable aluminum front fork and front wheel to protect your safety while riding. 

The e-bike's front wheel's safety washers keep the wheel from coming off, ensuring your safety. The VELOWAVE Electric Bikes will make cycling safer and more pleasant for you. The battery, controller, and wire harness are all well accommodated by the 6061 aluminum frame, contributing to the bike's overall streamlined and clean appearance.

With the battery integrated into the frame, the bike performs better in waterproofing and anti-collision. It also allows the rider to be free of hindrance when riding. Adult electric bike with professional design and 85% pre-installed components that can be easily fitted in about 10 minutes.



To Sum it Up

Considering all the advice, you must ensure your safety gear is strong and reliable and capable of protecting you in adverse times. Also, it's never too late to invest in a tall electric bike, which you can find at the Velowave online store.

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