Can't believe that I can re-experience the joy of riding.


As we age, we began to envy the fun of the younger around us. Every day, they use skateboards, electric scooter, road bikes, bicycles, etc. to commute at close distances, which is not only convenient, but also environmental friendly. You can also exercise while riding. Since the Covid19 pandemic, public transportation has become more and more inconvenient. More people will choose to drive or ride bicycles. This has also led to a shortage of inventory in our bicycle shops.At this time,more and more friends will choose to buy online. In fact, this is a good choice. Basically, most of ebike shipped from  warehouse in the United States. They can be received soon after placing order, and they are basically more than 80% pre-installed. So you don't need to be careful about installation problems, the seller's customer service is still very professional.


The feeling of riding an electric bike on the first day


The place where I work is about 4 miles from my home. I used to drive there, but I often encounter traffic jams. Therefore, I used to imagine that I could ride a motorcycle. That would be cool, but I’m afraid it’s  difficult to control. I started to ride at throttle mode because I don't want to consume too much energy before going to work and get into the company with a lot of sweat. When get off work, I feel that I can relax after a day of work, so I use the pedal assist mode to ride easily when going up and downhill. During the ride, I can still say hello to my fellow riders, which feels good. After the first day riding, I decided that as long as the weather conditions allowed, I would ride an electric bike to work.


Weekend riding plan


After a week of work, I usually have weekend travel plans. On the first weekend I received the electric bike, I planned to ride to the forest near us. The fat tires make me feel very stable when riding, and it is not easy to skid. I did not use fast speeds because I am not a professional cyclist, so I tried three riding modes, including the first gear plus I think the pedal assist mode is enough for me to ride easily.

Thanks for the emergence of electric bicycles. I think electric bicycles are suitable for most of people.

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