What Is Electric Bike Battery Safety? Learn More About Battery Safety

What Is Electric Bike Battery Safety? Learn More About Battery Safety


What is electric bike battery safety? E bike battery safety is the safety of the battery system used with the electric bike. The electric bike battery is classified as a high-power lithium ion battery in order to ensure its safety, and uses specific components like cells, connectors, and transformers. All of these components go through rigorous quality tests before the e bike battery goes into production and should not be punished or suffer from any form of abuse while they are being transported or used.

Various electric bike battery safety
Below are some tips for electric bike battery safety:

1, Batteries must not be stacked on top of each other or close to one another. This is to avoid any damage that may occur during transport.

2, Do not expose the battery to a high temperature environment for a long period of time as this could seriously affect the battery performance and cycle life.

3, Do not use a car charger or a power adapter that exceeds the rating of your e bike battery. The recommended input voltage and current is printed on the battery itself. If you are unsure about the rating, ask your dealer for advice before plugging in an e bike battery charger with too much power into the input, which could cause damage to it!

4, Always make sure that the terminals are clean before you plug your charger into a battery. This helps to achieve optimal charging of the e bike battery.

5, If you use an aftermarket or non-original battery charger, then it's best to get a professional e bike technician to take care of your battery.

6, Another electric bike battery safety is to maximize battery life and reduce charging time, we recommend that you charge up your e bike battery overnight when possible using a wall charger or car adapter with power output lower than 10 kW and input voltage within 48V DC to 72V DC range. Charging in this way also allows for better absorption of charge, which could increase your battery life as well!

7, Pay attention to the warning on your e bike battery as some models warn of voltage spikes during charging.

8, Keep the connections and terminals of the battery clean at all times to ensure they are functioning correctly. Run a brush over them every once in a while to remove any dirt or foreign matter. This can increase the life of your e bike battery system and make it much more efficient when using it. Always consult the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning your battery before you do so, however!

9, Do not use an e bike battery charger if you're unsure about what it is or what its output power is, as this could potentially damage your e bike battery system.


Electric bike battery safety is extremely important and takes the form of motor and battery testing in order to ensure the longevity of both your electric bike battery and overall e bike system. As mentioned above, you should always consult with your dealer for further tips on e bike battery safety as well as the steps you should take to keep it in top condition.


  • Hello Donald Coyne, Depending on the temperature range of the battery, the actual temperature range is around 32°F to 104°F, which is stated on the label of our battery, you can check it. When charging, be sure to avoid direct sunlight and keep ventilated.
    If you have any questions, please contact our customer service: support@velowavebikes.com

    - Velowavebikes
  • We live in Arizona and in the summer the temperature is well over 100F.
    Should I store my battery in the fridge?

    - Donald Coyne

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