What Are the Tips on How to Change a Pedal on a Bicycle?

What Are the Tips on How to Change a Pedal on a Bicycle?
What Are The Tips on How to Change A Pedal on A Bicycle?


What are the tips on how to change a pedal on a bicycle? The process of changing a bike's pedal is usually effortless, simple, and quick with expert guidance. The first step is determining if you're even at a point where changing the pedals on your bicycle is appropriate for you. For example, if you already have flat pedals on your bicycle and cannot swap them out for clipless ones then it would be better not to change anything.

Below are tips on how to change a pedal on a bicycle. These tips are by no means a complete guide for you to change a pedal on a bicycle. It is recommended that you have an expert to guide or assist you with the process of changing the pedals on your bicycle.

1, Understand the difference between clipless and flat pedals

There are many types of pedals available on the market that one can use on their bike. Before you purchase a pedal, it's important to know its functionality. Clipless pedals are fixed in a certain position once installed and can be removed only with some effort depending on how difficult it is to loosen the clip mechanism holding them in place. Installing a clipless pedal requires special shoes that have cleats attached to their soles. The foot fits into these cleats when riding and enables you to push down onto the pedal without having to use your hands for stability.

2, Invest in quality pedals

The size and weight of the bicycle determine the kind of pedal you buy. For example, if your bicycle is a mountain bike, then you need to buy a larger and heavier pedal that is durable enough to handle rugged terrain, sharp rocks, and other obstacles. In case you're unsure of what type of pedals to get for your bike, it's better to get assistance from an expert rather than purchasing one blindly. If you don't know an expert who can guide you in changing the pedal on your bicycle it's recommended that you buy online; however, it's advised that buying from local stores will give a better shopping experience due to the availability of options and expert guidance.

3, Identify how the pedals are attached to the bicycle

Before you can change a bike's pedal, you need to be aware of its mechanism. This will help you identify how much work it takes to remove the old pedals and install the new ones. Many bikes already have a clipless pedal installed such as racing bikes while others may have flat pedals such as mountain bikes. In rare cases, some bicycles won't come with pedals at all and will require that you buy them separately.

4, Identify how to remove the pedals from your bike

Before you change a pedal on a bicycle, it's advised that you disconnect the brake wires in case they are attached to them. Having the brake wires attached when trying to remove an old pedal can damage it and cause unnecessary problems later on. Fit your fingers into the holes located on either side of a pedal and carefully pull off. One-half of the pedal has been removed, use a hammer to loosen up its remaining side so that it can slide out of its position easily.

5, Remove the old pedals

Once you have removed half of the pedal, you can start removing it. Use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts holding the pedal in place. If there are no bolts on the pedal, then use a hammer and chisel to remove it entirely. After removing all of its screws, you can now remove it from your bike. Ensure that all screws are placed back into their original holes before tightening them with a screwdriver.

6,  Install new pedals

If your bike has clipless pedals already installed on it and does not require any additional hardware such as bolts then proceed to step 7 instead of 6 and follow the same steps for installing new pedals for your bicycle. Before you install the new pedal it's advised that you place the shoes that come with the pedals in a safe spot so that you don't lose them. The next step is to attach your shoe to the pedal's cleats. Do this by placing your heel in the back of the shoe's cleat and then moving forward until your foot is firmly in place.


The above tips on how to change a pedal on a bicycle will help you install new pedals on your bike with ease. The process is straightforward and requires only a few steps to complete. Just remember to always consult an expert in the process of changing a pedal on a bicycle for guidance.

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