How to Grease a Bike Chain for Effective Functioning

How to Grease a Bike Chain for Effective Functioning



Are you stranded on how to grease a bike chain? Well greasing a bike chain correctly is a crucial thing to know, especially if you want your bike to run smoothly. But what if you don't know how to do it? After all, this is a tricky task that requires some practice.

Well, we're here with the answer. It's easy as long as you have this article by your side.

Steps to follow when greasing a bike chain

1, Remove the chain from the bike

The chain will not be greased if it's still attached to the bike. It is easier to work on it when you have it detached. Use a nut wrench to put off the chain link, and take it off. It is also possible to remove a chain without using a wrench. In that case, you will need to break the chain.

2, Inspect the chain for damage

A rusty, stiff chain or one with lots of wear and tear needs to be replaced. It is not necessary to worry about the grease sticking on a new chain. However, do not make this your routine process as it may mess up the gears of your bike.

3, Clean the components

Use a wire brush to clean the chain and other parts of your bike. This step on how to grease a bike chain is crucial because if there are any dust particles on your chain, they may end up sticking with the grease. Begin by brushing off the dust and then wash all the parts that might get greased such as sprockets and linkages. Once you are done, use a wet rag to wipe them dry.

4, Put on the right amount of grease

Use a grease gun to pump the lubricant into the chain. In case you don't have one, you can use your fingers. A grease gun is very useful because it aids in the proper distribution of grease. Also, it prevents wasting the lubricant by dripping off. You will know when you have put on enough lubricant by checking if there is any excess coming out of your chain. While at it, try to avoid the area where your bike chain touches the sprockets.

5, Reassemble the chain

While pressure is important when greasing a twisted chain, it is also necessary to ensure that every part of your bike chain is reassembled correctly. How grease a bike chain should not be a difficult thing; Use a wrench to put on the linkages and wiggle them until they are fixed firmly.  A bike chain that can handle the stress of bike riding is a chain that will last for a long time.

6, Check for leaks

Once you have taken the bike out of the shed, grease it up and check if there are any leaks or cracks on your chain. Sometimes, a grease sealant can be used to close off cracks on your chain. However, it may take days for this type of sealant to get dried up. It is also possible to replace the parts that have leaks.

7, Ride the bike to determine if it still runs smoothly

If you are yet to ride your bike after greasing the chain, you can now do so. See whether or not your bike feels smooth and as if it has no jerks when you are riding it. If you notice that something is wrong, check the chain and make the necessary adjustments. Well, once you have checked these steps, you know how to grease a bike chain.

Things to avoid when greasing a bike chain

1, Do not use too much grease

A lot of greases may eventually cause the chain to break, especially in cold temperatures. In case the temperature is below freezing, grease should not be put on the chain and another method will be needed such as an anti-seize compound.
Side note: If you want to use an anti-seize compound, you should use it while taking the bike out of the shed.

2, Do not scratch the chain

While applying grease on a ride, you may notice that there are some marks on the chain such as a thin line of grease being transferred to the metal. However, this might also affect the performance of your bike's gears. It is possible to prevent this by wiping off the spot of grease with a cloth. Also, it is essential not to apply more lubricant than necessary. If applied excessively, it will have no effect and could even make your situation worse.


When it comes to applying grease on a bike chain, you have to be cautious. However, if done properly, your bike will last for a long time!

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