What Are the Factors that Determine How Fast Can an Ebike Go

What Are the Factors that Determine How Fast Can an Ebike Go


How fast can an ebike go depend on the speed controller, motor,  and battery type chosen? The average speed of an ebike is around 20-30mph, but some models can go much faster. Batteries that can provide continuous power for more than 50 miles (80km) allow you to travel as far as 150 miles (240km). The motor should ideally be able to provide a continuous power of 250-1000 watts. While most ebike motors can provide high power, some are limited in what is called the top speed. This means that the ebike can't go faster than a certain speed.

The factor that determines how fast an ebike go

1, Electric Bikes with High-performance Controllers and More Powerful Motors Can Reach Higher Speeds.

The second most important factor for the top speed of an ebike is the controller. Current controllers have a maximum output power of 250W, which generally limits the top speed to about 25mph (40km). However, there are also some new high-performance controllers which allow you to accelerate fast to achieve higher speeds reliably and safely. These newer controllers will also limit the current during acceleration, preventing damage to the battery or motor when riding at high speeds.

2, The Most Important Factor for Top Speed Is The Battery Cells and Configuration.

The battery capacity and configuration are very important for an electric bicycle's maximum speed. This can also improve the range and performance of the bike. To achieve higher speeds, you need to choose a battery with more capacity. Without enough battery power, an electric bike cannot reach higher speeds. With an 11Ah battery, you can travel 50 miles (80km) at 25mph (40km). This distance is not very far for some people, and this is why there are bikes that have larger batteries fitted in them to suit every riding style.

3, A Motor with More Power Allows You to Obtain A Higher Speed.

The motor of an ebike has a large impact on the top speed of the bike. A hub motor has a maximum output power of 250W and this usually limits the top speed to around 25mph (40km). This is because the motor gets very hot when it is put under a heavy load, with continuous power. A high-performance rear wheel motor will provide more torque at low speeds and accelerate faster, making it possible to reach higher speeds.

4, Electric Bikes with Suspension Can Reach Higher Speeds.

Although electric bikes with suspension systems are not very common, they can be found on some high-performance e-bikes. 

5, The Type of Tires Has a Direct Effect on Speed.

A high-performance tire can also help you ride faster in some cases. However, a set of heavy-duty tires will be typically heavier than standard ones, thus making the bike heavier and reducing top speed. A set of lightweight tires is recommended to get the best performance from the bike.

6, How Fast Can An Ebike Go - How Long Does It Take to Charge A Battery?

How long will it take to charge a battery? A typical ebike with a 15Ah/350Wh Lithium Ion battery, and 250W motor can reach a top speed of around 25mph (40km). The battery will typically be charged in 7-9 hours using a regular charger or 3-5 hours using a fast charger.

In conclusion, many factors determine how fast an ebike can go. To achieve higher speeds, you will need a motor with more power and a specific battery type or configuration. You may also benefit from suspension in some cases and have a better understanding of how long it will take to charge the batteries.

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