Take Car Your eBike Step 1-Bike Lock

Take Car Your eBike Step 1-Bike Lock

Velowave Ranger FMTB3 eBike Owner Story-Ebike was stolen in a fishing day


Foreword: Sad story about the ebike was stolen in a should be happy fishing day. There are indeed a few customers who have purchased our electric bike and told us that the Ranger ebike has been stolen. Usually, there is not much that velowave can help. We can only provide you the only unique number of each ebike in front of the tube by the laser as much as possible to report the case in police office. So always remember your electric bike still need a normal bike lock.

By the way, you can set the power-on password for LCD display.

Velowave Electric Bike for Adult-Ebike Lock


Below Review from Amazon Buyer: SHIRLEY MEADOW

Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2022

This bike was purchased for fishing in the San Diego area. Although is May seem it belongs in the mountains due to the fat tires, in a concrete jungle it rides like a Cadillac.

Sadly I bought the bike/fenders/cart and someone walked away with it. Happily they did not get the key I hang around my neck and keep with me at all times. I am presently asking the company if they print serial numbers on the bike in hopes to stop the thief from trying to get a key for the battery compartment from the company.

Have not heard anything yet as messages were sent today 2/26/22.

I could go on telling you how sad I am losing this beautiful bike and but ….anyways All I can say is you may have to modify the rear fender a bit to stop it from dragging on the tire and that is simple, just one screw hole modifications.

Yet than that, this bike is a beautiful beast!

The day it walked away, I found myself not catching any fish too as I just found a rest room and when I returned they took bike/fenders/cart and hook/line and sinker!

They got my fishing rod and favorite lure.

Bad day at fishing….who won here? I assume the fish that got away.

Sincerely yours

Shirley Meadow

Go Fishing Ebike-Velowave Ranger FMTB3 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Velowave Message:

Many thanks for the sharing and review from Shirley Meadow. Adding a trailer to fat tire ebike looks great, Ranger is really good choice for us to ride and go fishing. t's time to ride Velowave ranger and go fishing with the sea breeze.

Welcome to share your story or leave a comment below. Love U guys~


  • how can i get into the system setting to make it go a little faster

    - stuart healey
  • I recently received my new Velowave bike.
    I’m am very happy with this purchase.
    A Great Price, Excellent construction and On Time shipping. A nice container protected the entire bike for a easy reassembly.
    Let’s talk about the ride amazing !!!
    I’m so glad I waited a few years before purchasing my first electric bike. The Velowave really came thru with the latest in electric bike technology and power.
    Beautifully constructed with nice components that would cost a lot more on other bikes.
    Very happy Customer :)

    - Sal Syquia

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