Make Sports Gender-Neutral: Break the Bias International Women's Day 2022

Make Sports Gender-Neutral: Break the Bias International Women's Day 2022
International Women's Day Break the Bias

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the topic of gender equality grabs more attention. As a brand in the sports field, Velowave pays more attention to the equality of women in sports. In the field of sports, the attention of women's sports is much lower than that of men's sports, and the sport income of men and women is seriously unequal. According to research, the highest income of NBA members can reach 50 million US dollars, the average salary is $5,853,305. However, the average 2021 WNBA salary is $100,658.51, we can see the average salary differs by 50 times! The reason for this is the difference in physiology between men and women. Because sports are confrontational, there will be conflict, strength, speed, and males have a stronger appreciation for sports out of physical advantages. But this statement is actually one-sided. We should take into account the influence of other factors, such as government/corporate support, media exposure, and complex factors such as commercial marketing.

Another important reason is the education that women have received since childhood and the influence of the environment. Women are expected to be more beautiful and have a good figure (thin). Many girls who like sports (basketball/running, etc.) feel too “masculine” by others, and give up sports in order to conform to the public's aesthetics.

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Velowave appeals that there is no gender restriction on sports. It is hoped that women who like sports can receive support from an early age as long as she has a talent or preference for sports.

As a corporation, Velowave believes that cycling has no gender restrictions, and supports women who pursue the same pursuit and like the exciting experience brought by high-speed electric bicycles. We do not identify our ebike models as women's models or men's models. You can ride an ebike, and it can bring you the most suitable experience, that is, the right model for you. The same, men can also try different models according to their needs, not only big and strong are suitable for men.

Velowave commuter bike road bike

The meaning of International Women's Day reminds us that in this modern civilized society, we are still facing the issue of gender equality and equal rights. Not only women pursue equal rights, but men do not have the same status as women in certain fields. In sports, volleyball is considered It is a sport suitable for women, and women's volleyball has a higher degree of attention.

We support and appeal for increased awareness of women's sports and support for women to participate in more sports.

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