Questions and Answers Hub Part 1: Velowave Ranger Fat Tire Electric Bike

Questions and Answers Hub Part 1: Velowave Ranger Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Question: What is the front fork stem diameter?
  • Answer:Hi, the diameter of the front fork is 28.6mm.


  • Question:Which side of the handlebar is the throttle and front brake located
  • Answer:The throttle and front brake are located on the left handle bar.


  • Question:Are any other frame sizes available? With a standover height of 30.2", I'm surprised it is recommended for riders as short as 5'4".
  • Answer:  Hi, it's pity there is no other sizes available. For your reference, I'm 5'4" myself and I can ride the bike well.
  • Answer:I am 5'4. its a little harder to swing my leg over to get on, but i had to even raise my seat as the pedals sit a bit higher. So shorter than 5'4 could use it, but would just be more challenging to get on.


  • Question:What is this in the box?There are 4 metal thin rods, 8-1/2” long, bent on one end and the other is has a screwed on chrome piece
  • Answer:  Extra spokes in case you break one off-roading or riding it rough stream Lee where to break a Spoke unless you're a larger Rider are you do a serious off-roading which teas are not meant for
  • Answer:Hi, it is the spare spokes for the rim, prepared for needs of replacement.


  • Question:How mamy cycles of live for the battery and what is thre right way to charged?
  • Answer:The battery life is about 800 cycles. You may either charge it on the bike or take the battery off for charging. You may find more information about charging in our instruction manual.


  • Question:What size diameter is the seat post ? I want to replace w one that has shock built in
  • Answer:The diameter is 31.6mm, length 350mm

  • Question:Does the battery allow for charging of devices?
  • Answer:No


  • Question:Is handlebar height adjustable or fixed height?
  • Answer:The handle bar height is fixed.


  • Question:On the velowave 26" e-bike: what is the model designation of the bafang 750w rear-hub motor?
  • Answer: Hi, the model of BAFANG motor for Velowave 750W fat tire bike is RM G060 750 D.


  • Question:How do I set the trip miles back to 0?
  • Answer: On the main screen push + and - at the same time.


  • Question:Are the fenders, tail light and rear rack available yet?
  • Answer: Hi, yes the fenders and rear rack are available. The tail light is not available yet.


  • Question:Is there a low voltage cutoff for the battery to protect from depleting to 0%? What's the lowest safe voltage for riding to prevent doing any damage?
  • Answer:Hi, there is BMS inside the battery to protect from over discharge. Please don't worry about the percentage as it is programmed with protection beforehand. You may ride as long as there is power on the display.


  • Question:Can you attach a pet stroller to this bike?
  • Answer:If your pet likes adrenaline you can make anything happen


  • Question:What's the top speed?
  • Answer:I had to change the wheel size (smaller) in the settings to trick the speed limiter but I did reach 28.56mph per my GPS.


  • Question:Is there a foldable version of this model?
  • Answer:Hi, currently we don't have a fodable version yet.


  • Question:Will this bike accept fenders both front and rear? Also racks both front and rear?
  • Answer:We will have front and rear fenders and the rear rack available in one and a half months. Front rack is not adaptable as there is no screws to fix it.


  • Question:What is the Tube size for bike?
  • Answer:Hi, the tube size is 26"*4.0".


  • Question:How much does the bike weigh with the battery removed, i.e. for loading or unloading from a vehicle?
  • Answer:The bike weighs around 65 lbs without battery.


  • Question:I love the design of this frame, anyone know if there is a 1000w+ version of this bike available anywhere?
  • Answer:Hi, thank you for your interest in Velowave Bike. Our 750W version Bafang motor is one of the best in hub motors. The 1000W motor is under developing, but currently not mature and stable.


  • Question:Does it have Shimano gears?
  • Answer:Yes it has Shimano 7speed



  • Question:What is the recommended Tire pressure ?
  • Answer:15 psi or so for off road. 20 psi for city roads.


  • Question:I am 6.2 am I too tall for me?
  • Answer:Hi, recommended rider's height for VELOWAVE 750W fat tire bike is from 5.4"to 6.2". You are just within the range and I think it fits you well.


  • Question:Does the bike come assembled? If not, how difficult is the assembly?
  • Answer:Hi, the VELOWAVE fat tire ebike comes 85% pre-assembled. You will just need to install the front wheel, the handlebar and pedals. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for a person that has a basic knowledge of bikes. You may folllow our instruction manual in the package or find the assmebly video on our product page. Any difficulty with set-up, please feel free to contact our customer support. Wish you enjoy the ride with your VELOWAVE.


  • Please contact for assistance with any problems related to bikes.

    - Velowave Support
  • Every time I turn off my bike it erases how many miles I have and changes the settings to kilometer per hour and the battery to volts when it should be miles per hour can anyone say why?

    - Matteo Frederico
  • How many Megnet Poles does the 750w bafang motor have?

    - Michael Diaz
  • How many poles does the moter have

    - Michael
  • .my head light won’t turn off

    - James

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