Welcome to Velowave Bikes, where every journey begins with a simple push of a pedal but stretches far beyond the ordinary. Founded on the dream of an international group of biking enthusiasts, Velowave emerged from a shared passion for cycling and innovation

Our Journey

It all started with a vision to make cycling more accessible, enjoyable, and inclusive. The founders of Velowave Bikes, a dynamic team drawn from diverse backgrounds, believed that biking could be both a pleasure and a reliable mode of transport. This belief led to the creation of our first electric bike, Ranger, designed to empower riders from all walks of life to conquer urban and rural landscapes with ease and confidence.

Empowerment Through Innovation

At Velowave Bikes, we are pioneers in a movement that transcends traditional boundaries of biking. Our e-bikes are crafted to cater to everyone — the daily commuters, the weekend trail explorers, and those discovering or rediscovering their love for biking. By integrating cutting-edge technology with robust design, we ensure each Velowave bike is a gateway to new experiences and freedoms.

Join Our Community

Velowave isn’t just about selling bikes; it’s about creating a community of riders who share a passion for exploring new possibilities. Whether you are navigating tight city corners or embracing the ruggedness of mountain trails, our bikes provide stability, comfort, and the thrill of adventure.


Our Promise to You

With Velowave Bikes, you are not just purchasing an e-bike; you are investing in a lifestyle of adventure, freedom, and environmental responsibility. Ride with us, and discover what lies beyond your boundaries.

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