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      ebike accessories

      velowave ebike accessories is a resource for every biker and ebike enthusiast who need to choose from a vast array of accessories, to find which will fit their needs perfectly.

      your electric bike need the right upgrades, improvement for comfy, secure ride. The last thing you want to deal with is a poor battery life. ebike battery helps you maximize your range by carefully managing how power is delivered to the bike and thus the rider.

      If you want to enjoy your ride through the rain and mud our bike fenders can keep you and your bicycle mud free and rolling as well as prevent dirt and water from splashing on your back.

      We all know that it's important to clean your bike after a ride if you want to keep it working better for longer. As e-bikes have more moving parts, it's arguably even more important to give your ride a good wash so having a cleaning kit is a must for every mountain biker.