What Is Single Speed Electric Bike and Its Benefits?

What Is Single Speed Electric Bike and Its Benefits?

 What is Single Speed Electric Bike and its Benefits?

What is a single speed electric bike? It is a single-speed, pedal-assist electric bike. This bike has all the advantages in terms of pedaling, but it's a bit more difficult to find and maintain than its counterparts. If you want an electric bike that feels like cycling on traditional roads, a single speed bike might be for you. It's not as easy as just getting on your bike and going for it; some things need to be considered before buying one and topping up the battery pack. 

Benefits of buying single speed electric bike

Below you'll find some of the benefits of this bicycle; after you have read and understood everything below, you can make a better choice.

1, Better work of battery

The packaging lists the battery capacity as 11.6 kWh, but if you check your charger, you will likely find it is somewhere around half that on a full charge. That's because the charger cannot deliver an adequate charge to fully power up the pack. You'll have to find multi-port chargers for this bike, which tend to cost more than single-port varieties.

2, Better comfort in riding

The chain on a single speed electric bike is on one side only, so you don't have metal elements rubbing or chafing against your legs and ankles all day long. That's not to say you can't still get hung up on things, but it's not the same as a cruiser or a trekking bike, where chains rub against your legs, causing discomfort and potential blisters.

3, More flexibility

The bikes have wheels built with one purpose: moving you forward. Single speeds have smaller wheels, with a better grip on surfaces such as hard dirt or loose gravel. You can ride them on paved roads as well, but like all bike types, they're not meant for commuting regularly -- although some are fine for short runs between work or school. You might also use this type of bike to navigate grassy fields and rocky wilderness paths.

4, Less noise and vibration

Conventional bikes are very noisy and cause a lot of vibrations when pedaling. In addition, conventional bikes generate a lot of heat from the motor, which needs to be dissipated through ventilation holes in the frame or by air outlets along the edge of your clothes, so you're not melting. Single speed bicycles don't have those features, so they're much quieter and more comfortable to ride on a hot day than a conventional bike.

5, Less maintenance

A single speed electric bike doesn't come with the same parts that need to be replaced regularly and easily, like chains and gears. They don't have gears, so you won't need to replace your chain as frequently, and they don't have any moving parts in the drive train; a single speed bike is a lot less maintenance intensive than a conventional pedal-assist bike.

6, Less expensive

Some people find buying a single-speed bicycle more cost-effective than buying a cruiser-style hybrid or electric bicycle with gear drive systems. And since the biggest expense for a single-speed bike is the battery, a lower-cost battery could save you even more money in the long run.

7, More environmentally friendly

Electric power-assist bikes are very efficient in how they use energy, but single speed bikes are also a lot cleaner than any bike with gears on them. One way to explain it is that with a conventional bike if you were pedaling as hard as you could pedal, every time you pushed forward, your wheels only turned a little bit.

8, Less work needed

Only one gear is used on a single-speed bike, so you don't need to shift or change gears to climb hills and go downhill. The pedals are also connected directly to the rear wheel without complicated gears, so much less work is needed from your legs than on a conventional bike. The trade-off is that it takes more power from you to make the same progress on a trip as biking up hills.


If you're considering buying a single speed electric bike, do your research and find one that's right for you. A single speed bike is a very good choice for those who don't want to spend as much on a conventional pedal-assist bike but still want the benefits of having gears and an electric motor. It also works well for inexperienced cyclists looking to give biking a try.


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