Can Electric Bikes Get Wet? Here Are Tips to Help you Ride in the Rain

Can Electric Bikes Get Wet? Here Are Tips to Help you Ride in the Rain


Can electric bikes get wet?

Yes, electric bikes can get wet. Many people are led to believe that electric bikes cannot get wet and that they will quickly break down. Not true. They may not require any maintenance when ridden in wet conditions. However, some electric bikes are water resistant, it mainly depends on the design of the electric bikes and the battery. If the design of the electric bikes is completely built-in battery, it is generally waterproof. The disadvantage is that the built-in battery is generally difficult to remove by yourself. If the battery is used for a long time and needs to be replaced, there is a high probability that the brand will be contacted. The professional maintenance staff of the offline repair shop will replace it. Generally, the semi-built-in battery can withstand light rain, but it is not recommended to be exposed to rain. Once back indoors, removing the battery and drying it in a ventilated and sun-free environment is recommended.

Tips for riding in the rain

Some electric bikes are more water-resistant than others. It is a good idea to check before taking them out on a rainy day to ensure that they will hold up, especially if you plan to ride through puddles or significant rainfall. The following are a few tips for riding your electric bikes in bad weather:

1, Install bike fenders

The battery of some electric bikes is designed under the seat. At this time, if the rear wheel is equipped with fenders, there is a certain probability to protect the battery in case of sudden rain. The installation of the fenders on the front and rear wheels of the electric bike can reduce the rain and mud splashes splashed in sudden rainy weather, which can protect the battery and prevent the splashed muddy water from the rear wheels from dirtying your own body behind.

Fenders deflect water from the tire, wheel, and frame to keep you dry. The best place to install these fenders is on your front wheel, especially if you plan to ride on a wet road with both the front and rear wheels. Placing fenders on your rear wheel may be more convenient if you use an electric bike rack for your scooter or electric bike. Keep a close eye on your battery and electric motor if it rains heavily.

2, Avoid puddles

This is only sometimes possible but avoiding puddles will go a long way in keeping your electric bikes and batteries dry. Riding over pools and large bodies of water (including waterfalls) will often cause splashing, which can get all over the cycle, including the battery, motor, and chain. The best thing to do is to avoid water by riding around it, but if that is not possible, you need to take extra steps.  

3, Secure the battery

Wrap the battery in a raincoat or get a bike coat. When the weather is bad or the rain is getting heavier and the battery of your electric bike is not fully built-in but half-built-in or directly exposed, you need to use a battery raincoat to protect the battery to avoid short-circuiting the battery. Or the situation suddenly arises, and you don't have a raincoat. Suggestion: first find a place that can shelter from the rain, find a plastic bag to keep the battery, or find a place that can shelter from the rain and wait for the rain to stop.

4, Keep the motor clean

Riding in water and getting a lot of liquids on the exterior of your motor can cause rust. It is essential to keep your motor clean, especially during bad weather. Keeping the motor clean riding in the water and getting a lot of fluid on the outside of the motor can cause rust. Keeping your motor clean is crucial, especially in inclement weather. If you encounter a puddle, please ride slowly to avoid splashing rain or push the electric bike forward slowly.

5, Dry the electric bike after a rainfall

After an extended period of heavy rain, you should take extra steps to dry your electric bike before storing it in its case. You must avoid leaving wet electric bikes in their cases, as this will cause corrosion. Always wipe the electric bike and dry it before leaving it in its box. A dry bike will also last longer than a wet electric bike.


Can electric bikes get wet? Yes, they can, and you should take extra care if you are going to ride in bad weather. Using fenders will help to keep the water away from your wheels and chain, making it easier for you to ride around puddles. Also, if the battery is getting wet, then unplug it immediately.

These are some simple suggestions. Electric products generally need to be protected from moisture if there is no product description that emphasizes waterproofing. When buying an electric bike, it is best to know whether the electric bike is waterproof. If it is not marked whether it is waterproof, please contact customer service for consultation. Please make sure to charge in a ventilated and cool environment, avoiding sunlight and humidity. It is recommended to check the weather forecast in time when going out and prepare to carry a battery raincoat to protect the safety of the battery as much as possible. I very much hope that the above suggestions can bring you some useful help, and VELOWAVE will always accompany you.


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