4 Steps to Care Your Electric Bike Battery

Batteries are undoubtedly an important part of electric bicycles. Therefore, the caring and extending of the battery is the most important concern for many electric bike owners. Follow the following four steps, and your battery life will be effectively extended.

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1. Charge E-bike when Its Battery Around 20%

It is recommended to charge the electric bike when the battery is around 20%. If you ride an electric bike every day, it is recommended to charge the electric bike every day. If you do not ride the ebike for a long time, it is also recommended to charge the battery to 70%-80% every half month and leave it there. Because it is very damaging to leave the battery empty for a long time which will quickly reduce the battery life. Of course, “do not leave the battery empty for a long time” is suitable for all products with lithium batteries.

Leaving at least 20% of the power each time requires that the battery of the electric bicycle has enough capacity, so that you can have surplus power every time you come home without running over the power. The total battery life of the Velowave Ranger bike reaches 25-40+ miles, which is equivalent to 3-5 trips from New York La Guardia Airport (LGA) to New York Times Square.

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2. Do Not Overcharge

Don't overcharge, unplug the battery when the charge reaches 100. I understand that you will not keep staring at the battery until it is charged to 100. So I suggest you know the approximate length of time to fully charge. Unplugging the power when it is about to fully charge which can also extend the life of the battery.

Velowave Ranger bike has a four-hour fast charge, four hours can be charged to 80%, and eight hours can be fully charged. After charging the battery to 80%, it will enter the slow charging mode, which is to protect the battery and prolong the battery life.

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3. Use Pedal Assistance to Start E-bike

Start your bike with pedal assist, don't start it entirely with the motor/throttle. Ride the ebike first then use a throttle assist, so as to reduce the load on the engine and battery and care for the battery.

4. Do Not Charge in Extreme Weather

Please avoid exposing the battery to the sun when charging. Same, do not let the battery charge in very cold weather. Don't let the battery get wet from rain.

Velowave Ranger bike provides a removable integrated downtube battery. Prevent the battery from exposing to the sun and getting wet from rain and snow.

Caring your battery in just four steps. Extend the life of the ebike battery so as to reduce the replacement of batteries. Riding ebike and reducing the replacement of batteries while living a low-carbon life to achieve environmental protection.